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    Ok so some one called Matt emailed me a few days ago asking about my old MJ12. We exchanged a few emails and the upshot was that I may possibly know someone with the case. Just one issue. Matt emailed me loads of pics and I opened the email on my phone (something I don't like much) and...
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    Area 51 R2 fp pins

    Anyone got this written down? I'm about to swap my board out and need to create a fp header converter. I've done it before but I know it took me hours to buzz it and figure it all out so I'd prefer it easier this time. TIA
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    The Hellcat.

    I originally named this Time Sync. Mostly because it took three months to do. That was working on it for several hours a day, every day. However toward the end it was chop more of the case up or go with a theme. So I decided on the Hellcat. Tech specs. CPU - Intel Xeon E7 ES. 14 core 28 threads...