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  1. Chasm

    Predator 2.0 upgrade project...

    Anyone happen to have the photo images for this guide available? https://niche.originpc.com/forum/technical-discussions/support-troubleshooting/3596-partha-s-tutorial-to-set-up-alienware-light-kit-is-here Or for Andy's FX setup guide? The photos are there, but they are blurred on my PC...
  2. Chasm

    Alienware Predator I Case build (a.k.a. CMMII Predator)

    I've recently obtained a 'vintage 'Predator I' case. I'll post photos of the build on this thread. I have a lot of prep work to do on my case and some hardware decisions to make before doing a swap from my current case rig. A-List To-Do: - As I've only vinyl wrapped the top panel, and plan to...
  3. Chasm

    Graphics amplifier window mods?

    I want to see my video card. Has anyone modded their graphics amplifier casing with a window, yet?