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  1. F33L

    WTS a peice of crap Iphone.

    i agree but some sites still use it..
  2. F33L

    Wifi antenna mods

    another good idea is called cantenna ;) google it and u will see what i am talking about.. i've done that back in 2005 when i was a wifi newbie so it shouldnt be hard for anyone
  3. F33L

    Your Internet Speed Thread!

    envy of your upload.. i've got 24/1 as for the other guy that said i was insulting.. i was not.. just realistic i didnt call him a n00b for example//
  4. F33L

    Steam, Origin, Raptr and Xfire Gamer ID Tag Profile Feature Now Available!

    dear tommy from what i can see its 100% correctly.. i know what an id is.. and when u click on the javascript dealio, my correct account comes up on a separate window.. so where am i wrong? please do tell
  5. F33L

    The "Movie Name" Game.

    mullholand drive
  6. F33L

    Windows 8 or Winblows 8 ?

    ofc what did u expect it was made on the run
  7. F33L

    How did you find out about AlienOwners.com?

    come on people don't get offended :P i gave you my heart :P
  8. F33L

    Windows 7 "god" mode

    cool wasn't aware of that :)
  9. F33L

    Windows 8 or Winblows 8 ?

    win7 ftw in terms of performance i still like a lil bit the xp though.. :P for lighter machines
  10. F33L

    What browser do you use?

    Firefox and then comes Chrome, IE, Safari by preference.. it just seems that opera SUCKS
  11. F33L

    The "Movie Name" Game.

    Kari-gurashi no Arietti (original title)
  12. F33L

    Your Internet Speed Thread!

    so you got 160mbit? obviously you dont know what ur talking about
  13. F33L


    i would suggest anything mechanic example ducky shinning
  14. F33L

    Newegg - $50 OFF ASUS VW246H Glossy Black 24" Monitor + Free Shipping

    yeah if you live is US sure.. i dont oppugn
  15. F33L

    SIM Card slot?

    just get a usb adapter.. they are pretty cheap to free according to the plan..
  16. F33L

    How did you find out about AlienOwners.com?

    found you through your facebook spamm <3
  17. F33L


    seeing how everyone out there is craving keys and stuff i thought what the heck why don't i start a topic here to hear people out what they think about it, and how much they want it! So thoughts? i think its gonna be good being a cs 1.6 fan, looks like cs 1.6 merged with source last but not...
  18. F33L

    EVE Online?

    hate this and wow so.. :)
  19. F33L

    AlienOwners.com's Facebook page needs your imput!

    CS:GO is missing..