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    Area 51 R1 (non ALX) front door

    when try to push front door up to closing position there is some resistance. what is causing this and how to fix it?
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    Area 51 R2 FIO

    Does AWCC automatically run firmware update of FIO?
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    area 51 r2 ODD

    odd power/sata connected, do not see odd on Windows 10 desktop.
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    Area 51 R2 FIO_PWR1 cable

    SKU: 3DVC4 do not have this cable apparently for the rainbow 9 pin power sw connecting FIO and MB. Its pinout is mirror image of common usb 9 pin. Question: Can I make this cable easily by rewiring a usb 9 pin to usb 9 pin cable (I have one long usb cable from XPS 720)? If yes, Do I use a...