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  1. DDuB420

    I’m back.

    What’s up Alienowners. Been a min but I’m back to update my shit and add some new content to the site. I just acquired a 2018 Alienware 13 R3 through a trade tonight for a jailbroken 2018 64GB iPad Pro. :cool: I see a lot of my dell service manual threads are fuckered thanks to dell shifting...
  2. DDuB420

    Alienware's Trade In Program Expanded for Used Gaming Consoles

    Yesterday, Alienware has expanded its trade-in program to accept aging game consoles for anyone purchasing one of its PC rigs. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Lookup Find the cash back value of your current device. As long as your console or PC is eligible for trade in and is received in the condition you...
  3. DDuB420

    $10000 Alienware fossil watch WOW!

    Just randomly searching the interwebs came across this find... Can you say wishful thinking :rolleyes: SOURCE: http://r.ebay.com/FBbukC I dont think this guy will ever sell this lol
  4. DDuB420

    Aurora Desktops get new IVY BRIDGE- E CPU's/ AMD-NVIDIA GPU's

    Full Press Release.... http://www.dell.com/us/p/alienware-aurora-r4/pd.aspx?~ck=anav
  5. DDuB420

    Alienware 18 Owners Manual

  6. DDuB420

    Alienware 17 Owners Manual

  7. DDuB420

    Alienware 14 Owners Manual

  8. DDuB420

    Windows 8.1 Release Date Confirmed

    Windows 8.1 will roll out to users via the Windows Store at 7 A.M. Eastern time on October 17 SOURCE: http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/bloggingwindows/archive/2013/08/14/mark-your-calendars-for-windows-8-1.aspx Looking forward to this release :cool: You can download the preview here
  9. DDuB420

    Alienware area 51m 766 series Dual LAN Mod

    Found this while surfing, seemed appropriate to add to this forum :cool: You can view the whole project log HERE
  10. DDuB420

    Nvidia Shield Teardown

    Found this interesting, thought I'd share
  11. DDuB420

    ALX case mod

    Found this surfing the net, posted for those who havent seen it. Im thinking about doing something similar to the legacy case I own. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ax7ZqhPe3A You can view more images here...
  12. DDuB420

    Interesting X51 unboxing

  13. DDuB420

    M11XR3 Heat Sink Mod [IMAGES]

    Just on another one of my random searches and came across these images on imgur.com You can view the source URL here: http://imgur.com/a/oB4kz
  14. DDuB420

    Alienware themed Ovei POD

    I was just checking out some images on google and I came across this... I clicked on the img link and it brought me to a site called dripbook. An artist named Vince Fraser created a custom Ovei POD skin for Alienware. Very cool and creative design :cool: View the Whole Picture set...
  15. DDuB420

    2013 Refresh of Alienware Bags

    As you all should know by now, the new refresh of Alienware Laptops were unveiled a couple days ago. What you might not know yet is that Alienware released a new series of Bags and Carrying cases called "Vindicator" View more info and pricing here...
  16. DDuB420

    JUNE 10 2013 - Alienware announces new refresh and more?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FebRTiTMBz8 Alienware has scheduled a launch event for unspecified new products on the evening of June 10th — the same day as Microsoft and Sony's scheduled press events. Obviously we know they could be going to announce a refresh of...
  17. DDuB420

    Accelero Hybrid (Closed Loop GPU Liquid Cooling/Fan Hybrid)

    I got an awesome deal on one of these units so I pulled the trigger. Im not one for Liquid cooling, mainly because Im lazy and dont like to have parts in my computer that require regular maintenance. But a closed loop system is a different story :cool: Going to install this on my GTX 680 and...
  18. DDuB420

    Signature Images Turned ON

    Tommy, Could we please have signature images turned on if we host the imgs on image hosting sites then hotlink them to our SIG's? Very little bandwidth consumption on your end if you disable the attachment feature for signature imgs :cool: Obviously there will be rules, like no...
  19. DDuB420

    Linux Distros on Alienware

    Just wondering if any of you guys have any distros installed on your AW's I just read that the makers of Backtrack http://lifehacker.com/5305094/how-to-crack-a-wi+fi-networks-wep-password-with-backtrack Just released a new distro called kali linux. Im going to be testing it out this weekend...
  20. DDuB420

    Easy way to search Ebay for Alienware PC's/Parts

    I thought Id share this site with you all if you dont already know about it. Its been around for a few years and I find it great for hunting down specific items and filter out the Bullshit thats all over Ebay. PicClick is a web-based shopping search engine that scours eBay and returns...