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  1. adityadragoniyer

    Steam Trading Cards Beta

    So anyone checked it out yet on steam? I must say I'm rather 'addicted' to it. Now I understand all the fuss with TF2 and hats, dam addictive lol Check it out here.
  2. adityadragoniyer

    Batman Arkham Origins

    Have you checked out the announcement? See this Surely there must be those who loved Arkham Asylum/City. Aside from few things out of place, those were some of the finest games out there. I personally can't wait for it! especially since I'm a big batman fan for over 15 years, probably since I...
  3. adityadragoniyer

    Why Windows Blue heralds the death of the desktop

    This is (going to be) a nightmare. Time to switch to Mac (or Linux if that's your thing) seems impending now.
  4. adityadragoniyer

    new mobile after over 3 years

    Well finally going to get my first smart phone ever, Lumia 920. I went for the camera and windows os since I'm not much of a mobile person or have an app-etise for these things lol After my C905 died in '09 this will be my new phone, technically been using basic spare phones from my ex, a...
  5. adityadragoniyer

    I'm dethroned!

    NOOOOO!!!! Just kidding. Being here for 2 months less than a year, looks like I've toppled down the ladder now lol All I do is clear spam where I'm a mod, busy with crap and sleep whole day. Technically I was never gone and come here almost everyday, still what's up with you guys?
  6. adityadragoniyer

    Witcher dev CDP's new REDEngine 3

    Here is the news with a new screenshot. Looks dam awesome. So Cyberpunk 2077 and presumably TW3 are gonna be run on it, can't wait!
  7. adityadragoniyer

    DmC Devil May Cry

    Just released yesterday on Steam and playing it since then. It is so far awesome! Highly recommended if you want a bit of action and definitely if you are fan of the series
  8. adityadragoniyer

    Happy Holidays!

    Wish you all folks a fine end to the year! whether you celebrate or not, enjoy christmas and have a great new year! Cheers!
  9. adityadragoniyer

    Here comes the first real alternative to iphone and android

    have a look at this personally not much convinced but lets see how this goes
  10. adityadragoniyer

    GTA V Trailer #2 is out!!!

    Stop whatever you are doing and go check this out! productivity next year is gonna decrease indeed
  11. adityadragoniyer

    got some cleaning and replacing done

    well since the past 2 months my M14xR1 started heating up dam quickly, after asking around doing a repaste seemed recommended. After some nuisance with some calls with the customer care and crap (long story, it was a pain in the neck) finally spoke with a guy who actually sounded useful (well he...
  12. adityadragoniyer

    Voila! level 6

    so I just became the first guy here to reach the epitome of levelness here :P in celebration of my limited time exclusivity before others catch up I give everyone here a cookie :D also means I should stop posing in reddit, forums and all other places and actually do something useful lol
  13. adityadragoniyer

    graphic card not detected!

    I refreshed my windows 8 after some problems. After installing most drivers including the gpu ones, while trying to go to the nvidia properties it says graphic card not detected in system :O this is the first time it is happening what do I do? GT555M M14xR1 edit: ok its fine now, apparently...
  14. adityadragoniyer


    The word on quite for some time and finally we get the new trailer (just a few seconds ago as I type this) have a look here. Going to get this for sure
  15. adityadragoniyer

    Happy Halloween!

    wishing everyone a happy halloween!
  16. adityadragoniyer

    CEO of Razer praises Alienware, good article

    here is a decent article which the ceo of Razer brought up on his facebook page. There are some hiccups though and everyone might not agree with it fully (read if if you get what I mean) that guy surely does write and does a lot of cool stuff no wonder he is among the top gaming...
  17. adityadragoniyer

    Windows 8 finally arrived

    so here comes the release of the next Windows OS. Are you going to buy it? Just purchased Win 8 Pro some time ago (digital copy now downloading it) there was a special discount costed me 1999 INR which is ~40$ being a good deal. I've been using the preview(s) for more than half of the year, so...
  18. adityadragoniyer

    BioShock Infinite

    now available for pre-order on Steam! and it releases right on my (21st) b'day woo-hoo! so can I shamelessly ask someone to gift me? :P atleast I have something to do this time lol
  19. adityadragoniyer

    Cyberpunk 2077 revealed by creators of The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2020

    check this out. I'm like take my money NOW!
  20. adityadragoniyer

    GUNNER Optiks giveaway

    check the site or its facebook to enter! here is the site/facebook link, if you want help me by clicking that link :) if you have twitter then another entry can be done here good luck!