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  1. adityadragoniyer

    Forum Upgraded

    visiting here after a long time, site looks much great!
  2. adityadragoniyer

    Borderlands 2

    I stopped playing after completing the 'original game' ie without DLCs 100% Yeah I used to see you ALWAYS playing it whenever I did, I kinda figured you love the game :P
  3. adityadragoniyer

    Alienware Owners Club - Signature Bars

    Ya tell me about it. Oh wait.... lol
  4. adityadragoniyer

    New AWO Moderator - DDuB420

    that's cool congrats man! which gamer doesn't like owning/showing off those stickers/badges/achievements lol
  5. adityadragoniyer

    New Phone Recommendations

    How are you finding the S4 right now? I found most to all Samsung phones cheap plastic to be honest. If you aren't much into apps (which most people tend to get into once they get their first smart phones or so) then Lumia phones are a good option. Quite sturdy, dropped mine a few times no...
  6. adityadragoniyer

    Windows 8.1 - The Start Button returns

    any issues with the preview? though I'll still hold off till the actual release arrives
  7. adityadragoniyer


    lol that was some intro welcome to AWO!
  8. adityadragoniyer

    Your AWO profile info

    You should enable gifs too here! For avatars I mean :D
  9. adityadragoniyer

    The Person Above You Is Not Allowed To _____________________ Anymore.

    Can't point out that sarcastic comments are being pointed out. And my bad, yes that's an 'l' not 'n'
  10. adityadragoniyer

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    I just got BL2 + Season pass with all dlcs in it for 15$ at GMG right now. So no more waiting for steam sale for me. But who am I kidding?
  11. adityadragoniyer

    What Do You Know About The Member Above You?

    Yep I'm doing computer science among other things. And that's right. All I need to know about you is you live in Australia and have an awesome life. :D
  12. adityadragoniyer

    What movie did you just see?

    I just saw Man of Steel for like 10-12 times in the theaters, otherwise no new movies. I was however watching No Country for Old Men again today, bloody brilliant.
  13. adityadragoniyer

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    wait, amazon gives steam keys? wish I knew that earlier *__* in any case waiting for steam summer sale I bought FF VII which released on steam today, the moment it came up :D
  14. adityadragoniyer

    World of Warcraft

    i have a good friend who spent 300$ on it last month alone, dam ppl need to get out of this high time now!
  15. adityadragoniyer

    Soon to be new Alienware owner

    that's cool welcome!
  16. adityadragoniyer

    What Do You Know About The Member Above You?

    LMAO Jenny xD and apart from the stated fact from florida, electronic ie e-smith seems new here so nothing about.. wait are you a him or her? lol
  17. adityadragoniyer

    PC Game Recommendations

    I'm going to get BL2 in the steam sale, right now playing the first one and already stuck lol (i'm level 7 and I have to kill a mini-boss who is level 12) though right now I'm 'wasting' money in steam trading cards.