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  1. durbin209

    Dungeons and Dragons. Come on people I'm looking for others! :cool:

    Hey guys anyone play DDO? I recently had to remake my account because it was hacked. I'm looking for others to quest with. Please reply to this thread! :D
  2. durbin209

    ME3 multiplayer.

    Hey anyone want to play some ME3 games with me? Add me on origin, Famasten.
  3. durbin209

    ME3, Skyrim, or DDO VIP?

    What should I use my giftcard on? Dungeons and dragons VIP, Mass Effect 3, or Skyrim?
  4. durbin209

    Problem with WEI score

    My processor is an i7 2760QM 2.4GHz but WEI says it's a 4.5 processor when just last week it was in the 7s.
  5. durbin209

    Dungeons and Dragons Server anyone?

    Hey Everyone, I'm durbin209. Im going to start playing DDO again and I'm looking for people to play with. When i get enough points and enough people I will start a guild on DDO for this website. If you are interested HMU.
  6. durbin209

    WTS M17xR3 laptop, starting bids at 1,950.

    Stealth black. No alienFX sorry :( I7 2760QM 2.4GHz (3.5GHz w/turbo boost, 6MB cache.) 4GB dual channel RAM DDR3 1600MHz(2DIMMS) DvD+-RW CD-RW Internal HD sound 5.1 surround audio. 17.3 widescreen 1600x900 60Hz WLED 2GB GDDR5 AMD radeon HD 6990M Alienware 240W A/C adapter Custom name...
  7. durbin209

    Should i use my warrenty?!

    Ok, my problems are: keyboard messes up, lost the FX controller, eject disk doesn't work, videos are just static and go in and out, and I have Win8 which I don't like. Should I use the Warrenty, or can I even use it?
  8. durbin209

    NumberBar will not work

    I cant use the numberbar above the letters, what happens is it just recalls the last letter used, please freaking help me before I chuck it out the damn window. it's been doing this since I installed win8
  9. durbin209

    WEI score.

    My disk transfer isn't so great, Is it because I don't have a SSD? Or is it something wrong with my hard drive?
  10. durbin209

    AWO gear?

    I have an idea for the site, selling custom AWO t-shirts and products! Haha it may not be the best idea but still, I would the buy t-shirts.
  11. durbin209

    Want to sell GateWay desktop.

    6GB RAM. DDR3 AMD quad core. Vista premium. 580 GB drive. About five years old. Sound card, not sure which type. Can play up to SWTOR, and many more games. Will sell keyboard speakers and mouse in the price. Anyone want to buy the desktop for 275? Also selling 22" moniter for 50. For...
  12. durbin209

    Fnatic give-a-way!

    Same thing as dan. i would like the sunglasses xD 50 referals to go! http://100k.fnatic.com/ref/Fm4QEAy2
  13. durbin209

    Need advice for selling a gateway desktop

    Gateway desktop has 580gb harddrive 6th ram AMD quad core. OS windows vista premium. Anyone know how much to well it for? My guess is 250-350
  14. durbin209

    BF3 Co-op

    Looking for someone to play Co-op mode on normal. I'm tired of people leaving mid game. Anyone want to help me get the M39 EMR?
  15. durbin209

    Chance to win a $500 Newegg gift card!

    On Facebook newegg.com is giving away a 500 dollar newegg gift card! Here's the address:http://www.facebook.com/Newegg?v=app_197602066931325&app_data=wlbb%3D1 There is also an SSD give-a-way contest. Caption it and win big! https://www.facebook.com/Newegg?sk=app_326800944037020
  16. durbin209

    Static with my sound?

    When i'm watching youtube music videos and surfing the web, every so often it gets static. Is it my sound card or just the internet?
  17. durbin209

    Going to build a custom gaming desktop.

    When I get enough money I'm going to build a custom gaming desktop. However it will be my first custom PC, so I will need some help. I'm going to post the items I would like in the PC. But I need to know if they are able to work together, thanks! My custom PC...
  18. durbin209

    SW:TOR AWO guild recruiting.

    Hey there everyone, I'm making a guild on the server "The Maw," for this website. We will need at least 3 more people to make a guild. After that we can recruit regularly. Please PM me with your name. I'll take care of the fee and everything else. All memebers who join will become an officer...
  19. durbin209

    AlienOwners.com's Facebook page needs your imput!

    Hey it's durbin209 manager of the facebook page, today I need everyone's input on what pages/games to like. :cool: So far we have liked the game pages: WoW, Swtor, BF3, MW3, and LoL. The service pages we liked are Intel, Dell, Alienware, and E3. Please list the pages you wish to see liked on...
  20. durbin209

    problem with keyboard.

    So my keyboard is tweeking out, i press w its 1 a its 5 and so on, then P is D. fa too fast turns to fF. How does this happen?