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  1. EMT911inWI

    Alienware X51 R3 - Graphics Upgrade

    Thanks a lot for the response. I went ahead and ordered the GTX980Ti, will see if I can squeeze it in, if not, I will use the graphics amplifier. Thanks again!
  2. EMT911inWI

    Alienware X51 R3 - Graphics Upgrade

    Looking at upgrading from the 960 to a little bit bigger preferably with 4GB of RAM as I am running a 4k monitor. I do have the external graphics amplifier but would like to fit the biggest possible card in the X51 and not utilize the amplifier unless I have to. So my questions are: 1)Who has...
  3. EMT911inWI

    think found my new home

    Welcome aboard!
  4. EMT911inWI

    Recent Spam

    Yeah, I logged as soon as I received the report email and deleted and banned the spammer. I noticed Tommy was minutes behind me because the forums went offline and I saw he was on. Thanks to those who reported! EMT
  5. EMT911inWI

    Officially an OWNER!

    Thanks all! I think what even surprised me more is how quiet it is! Even after a good 2 - 3 hours of gameplay on Ultra settings I can barely hear the fan running!
  6. EMT911inWI

    Officially an OWNER!

    Well, I received my X51 last week and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed! I took advantage of the recent savings on the I-7 with 16GB of ram and upgraded to the Nvidia GTX660. I am floored at the difference in gameplay. I played some WoW and MW3 over the weekend and it is simply amazing...
  7. EMT911inWI

    Alienware Docking Station

    This is exactly something that I have been wanting for a very long time now!
  8. EMT911inWI

    ARMA 2 - Player Check In

    I'd be down!
  9. EMT911inWI

    Ready to purchase (for real)!

    I am back on the bandwagon and ready to make a purchase of the X51! Is anyone aware of any discount codes?
  10. EMT911inWI

    Happy Birthday AeonSoul!

    Happy Happy Birthday! ;)
  11. EMT911inWI

    joiniing the club

    Welcome to AWO Claude. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let one of us know! We hope that you find the site useful, and hope that you enjoy the new pc. EMT911inWI
  12. EMT911inWI

    suddenly hangs with weird static noise

    I had a similar problem with my home pc but not my AW laptop. After some lengthy research I determined that it was because of an IRQ issue between the graphics and audio. After removing the audio card and reinstalling drivers, the problem corrected itself. My hang was also accompanied by a...
  13. EMT911inWI

    Checkin' in with my Alienware m14x r2 :D

    Welcome to our corner of the interwebs!
  14. EMT911inWI

    Another New Member

  15. EMT911inWI

    Site Updated 6-19-12

    Thank you!!
  16. EMT911inWI

    Site Updated 6-19-12

    Seemd to have lost my "What's New" button that allowed me to view new posts since last visit. I did find the "new posts" button but really liked the ease of the "What's New".
  17. EMT911inWI

    Diablo 3

    Been having a blast playing demon hunter, was able to succesfully level him to 47 so far. All the way to Act 3 in nightmare right now and I am in the perpetual dying mode currently. Decided to switch over to a wizard for a little while, was able to level to 32 in less than 6 hours. By far the...
  18. EMT911inWI

    Water cooled x51

    Is this only going to be cooling the processor? Or do you have plans on the GPU, Northbridge, etc....
  19. EMT911inWI

    What do you drive thread!?!

    ] LOVE THE T-MAXX!!! I'll have to dig mine out sometime soon and see if I can get it running again. (Oh boy, I know this is going to cost me some money!) LOL!