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  1. elCaminaTor

    M14x Raffle Ideas

    I can use another mx14 :) lol im in for 10 tickets also :)
  2. elCaminaTor

    What's Your Dream PC?

    What exzactly do you do with 9 Monitors? and why not just make it 10 while your at it?
  3. elCaminaTor

    Your Internet Speed Thread!

    LOL imma leech :-/ but anyways, I want 100mb Service soooooo bad but its not available here yet(maybe for a long while)
  4. elCaminaTor

    What's Your Dream PC?

    thanks, I built it with the 570 to save some money, but i did get the 2.5gb version :)
  5. elCaminaTor

    What's Your Dream PC?

    Hmm I just built me my current dreammachine, 8 core Bulldozer with 16gbram and dual GTX570 :)
  6. elCaminaTor


    same, but can u tell me where to find the rule lol i looked FOREVER! and didnt see it... just curious
  7. elCaminaTor

    Max Payne 3

    yea cant wait steam teaser paints a pretty picture..
  8. elCaminaTor

    Where Are You From?

    I was Raised in palm harbor/clearwater do you know of it Jenova?
  9. elCaminaTor

    FREE: Batman Arkham City download code.

    lol it is a fun game only played it for like 2 hours but its fun
  10. elCaminaTor

    New owner in NW GA

    welcome :)
  11. elCaminaTor


    herro all, Question in regards to giveaways, I looked around for details and rules but didnt find any in forum rules(specific to my question) , how many posts are required to enter a giveaway?
  12. elCaminaTor

    elCam in the HOUSE!

    thanks guys :) add me on steam or origins :)
  13. elCaminaTor

    Mass Effect 3

    add me on origins I have yet to play this online :) "elCaminaTor"
  14. elCaminaTor

    Any anime fans here?

    It was cool I watched the whole series but as stated That is Westerns animation...
  15. elCaminaTor

    Any anime fans here?

    Cowboy Bebop, Vash the Stampede, Blood, Fist Of the North Star,Akira, all EPIC!!!
  16. elCaminaTor

    Where Are You From?

  17. elCaminaTor

    Tomb Raider

    yea same here i have to preorder :)
  18. elCaminaTor

    Max Payne 3

    yea i am gonna pre purchase form steam, just been pushing it back lol bills and all :) but i cant wait to try multiplayer :O
  19. elCaminaTor

    The Walking Dead Video Game

    I played it went through episode one in about 2 hours I think.. it was fun couldn't get away from it while it lasted :)