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    WTs m18x i73940x , dual gtx680m, 16gb ram

    Wts m18x i73940x, dual gtx680m sli , 16gb ram , 750gb hhd , killer wireless card, around 7 months old so still under warranty, £2,000 I'm in the uk Thx
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    please can any one help with evga precision x

    hello please can any one help me ,, i thought i would try out the evga precision x after having used msi afterburner for a long time with no issues , as soon as i turn on precision x i get a flashing bar in many different colors on the left hand side on the screen in any game i load up...
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    overclocking 4930mx

    Im interested to know and hear from any one who has the new i7 4930mx cpu's , how are they at overclocking compared to the older i7 3940mx ? Iv read that they run much hotter that 3rd gen cpu , making it not possible to overclock them as far as the 3rd gen ? can any of you tell me if this...
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    titan in a aurora

    Hello all Can anyone tell me why dell do not offer a Aurora with a titan and or a titan in sli in a aurora ? , as far as i can see the best gpu they offer to put in is a GTX690 and only 1 , why dont they offer that as sli either ? sorry if the answer to this is common knowledge , but i...
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    ArmA 3 fps and video settings

    ArmA 3 Alfa seems to be giving most people computer a hard time :-( lol So I thought I would share my specs and settings in the hope it may help others to get the game running good and if upgrading is needed , what would be best . I'm using settings mostly , very high , with only 2 on high...
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    FREE ARMA 3 Alpha Lite Steam Keys

    I have 1 arma 3 invite to give away I was sent a few from some friends to give away , I have already given one to mr fox for all his hard work in helping me and so many others with overclocking and many other upgreads ( he should be paid way more than that lol ) My only conditions are: You...
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    Wow I'm loving the new au18x , 2 i7's and 3 gpu's ;-) If only it was possible :-( and maybe a little cheaper lol
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    Over clocking your m18x , good or bad idea ?

    I wanted to start a thread about over clocking Alienware laptops , as I see some threads from about a year ago where people's opinion is that over clocking gpu and or CPU is a bad idea due to space and heat restrictions . But it seems to me that opinions are or have now changed and lots of...
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    Will over clocking fix this issue ?

    Hello all , I have a dual GTX680 sli with a i73940xm , My thinking was that this set up is way more power than I would need for a long time to come . My issues is when gaming on bf3 I still can not set ALL visual setting to their max ( only a few I can't ) well I can , and it will play ...
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    Caps lock visual notification issue ...fix here

    Hello All I had this issue a few days ago and i much trouble getting it fixed. This is how to fix the issue that some pc and laptops seems to have, It is when you get a text notification in a white box in the lower right hand side of your screen telling you that you have turned on or...
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    Compatible headsets for m18x & m17x

    I would like to start I thread listing all the compatable surround sound headsets for m18x and m17x laptops , as it is very hard to find good info on what headsets are good for surround sound gaming and will be compatable with a m18x ie run of a single USB connector ? I will start of by...
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    Ssd drive ,, please help

    Please can any of you guys offer me some guidance on what ssd drive to fit to my m18x when it arrives ? I have decided to buy it my self and get it fitted and my local computer shop and I'm looking fir something around £100 I would like to have Operating system and my games on it ( I think )...
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    For sale ,m17x r4 , i7 3820QM , GTX675m

    I have a 7 month old m17x r4 for sale (reason for sale is my new m18x arrives in one week ) I would ideally like to sell it to somebody that can collect or i can deliver it to as im not keen on posting it ,,,but maybe can be talked in to it lol , I have the original box it came in and all the...
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    overclocking help and advice needed for my new m18x

    hello all im new here... i have owned a m17x for 6 months or so and now i have my new m18x arriving in a few days specs: i73940xm 16gb 1600mhz ram dual GTX680 sli wireless killer card 500gb hard drive I would first like some info on how to overclock the cpu and if it would be needed...