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    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    As the Title suggests this is a thread to share your latest gaming purchases. This week I have purchased Bioshock infinite (ps3) $53 delivered ebay (Aussie dollars) Sims 3 for the Bec (pc) $30 del ebay Demon Souls (ps3) $23 del ebay Hitman Absolution $22 del ebay


    I know that it had a rough start but I grabbed this today and Im really enjoying it. I havent had one connection issue or had any trouble picking and playing on a server etc. Im only a few hours into it but Its bringing back great memories and 1989 flashbacks. (that last bit may have been the...

    My 2 month old Aurora R4 just went all Blue screen on me (BSOD) on me :(

    I go to turn on my R4 today and it loads up as normal so i go get a beer and when i come back my pc is changing colours like it does in sleep mode so i hit a key thinking it will pop back on and then i get the blue screen of death...... Im devasted so I did a quick restore which went back 3...

    Your game PILE OF SHAME .. aka yet to complete

    By that I mean the games you have purchased and NEVER completed. I have a pile of over 60 games I'm yet to finish and that's being modest. Some great titles I haven't finished yet would be : Batman Arkham city Fallout 3 & new vegas Borderlands 2 Black ops 2 (I mainly play MP) Spec ops the Line...

    Just a quick hello.

    Was recommended to this forum by a friend on COD24-7 forums since she noticed i had just bought an Aurora R4 pc. I havent been gaming on a PC since my old 486dx but that was a long time ago. Talking about a long time ago Im 37 with a Mrs 8 year old son, mortgage, etc etc and have been gaming...