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  1. LevCarty

    My alien fx stopped working !!>?

    my alien fx stopped working with games it just sticks to the one color i have programmed same for playing music anybody any ideas?
  2. LevCarty

    Wireless Game Pad 4 Phone

    This is pretty awesome http://www.newlaunches.com/archives/samsung-shows-off-prototype-wireless-game-pad-makes-galaxy-s-iv-even-cooler.php
  3. LevCarty

    Happ easter :) oh man this year im so lucky..

    so lucky im winning stuff one after another this year (A) soon me and another dedicated awa member will blow yall minds away :) but thats a lil secret :$ anyway my luck continued cause ive won another cap from my boss and became ambassador of the gunnar eye wear (A) and here some...
  4. LevCarty

    My girlfriend ...

    So my girl wanted me to stay home today and sent me a link ! clicked it and its actually ups with a package on the way ... cant wait wat will it beee?
  5. LevCarty

    WinFX and WMPfx !?!?

    Could somebody help i would like to add fx plugins for windows themes and the media player ive red on how to do this but the files doesnt seem to be working any idears ?
  6. LevCarty

    Funniest Pic Thread !

    Anyone feel like make eachother laugh with some crazy pictures ?
  7. LevCarty

    Any dutch peeps out here ? (NEDERLANDERS)

    Vroeg me af of hier ook wat landgenoten zaten :p
  8. LevCarty

    Alienware Theme

    First of let me introduce myself Im Levon Carty from the netherlands received my AW R4 this month the 5th and am still pretty new on this site anyway i have a question maybe you can help i have a dutch windows givin with my alienware system but i want to install a english one...