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  1. DeRon1

    MY laptop went on fire!!!!!

    That sucks bad!
  2. DeRon1

    Help i'm drowning in a problem

    First I'd Like to say Happy New Year To All Now I have a problem that Is way above my pay grade and I'm hoping someone here can help. I keep getting this error upon boot up that goes a lil something like this. in a box i have RUN DLL and in that box it say. Error caused by recently...
  3. DeRon1

    Alienware M17X R4 water cooling system

    Have you completed this yet
  4. DeRon1

    Killer Wireless N 1103 Connectivity Issues

    Having the same issues with my intel(r) centrino(r)wireless-N 2230 and sent it back! they changed it out and the mobo but still occasionally exists! What Do I do now
  5. DeRon1

    3D Emitter Location?

    Well my M17 R4 was bought last October as well and my 3d emitter is located approx 1 inch in on the lower left side of the monitor. So I guess they tried 2 places last year! dunno where it is on the new beast! wherever it is located you can bet that it is an awesome addition to gaming ;)
  6. DeRon1

    The "Movie Name" Game.

    Don Jon - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto Merged - - - - - nice rig
  7. DeRon1

    Holiday well wishes

    doing gr8 so far Matty and I have a new outlook for 2014 hehehe! just live and enjoy...gr8 to be back and I will talk again real soon
  8. DeRon1

    Holiday well wishes

    HelloooOOOoooo!!! I know its been awhile but I just wanted you all to know I'm still kicking rocks. I want you all to have a very merry merry xmas and a happy new year! ;) :)
  9. DeRon1

    staying on the internet

    Thanks m8 and glad to be back! I will try the driver deal.
  10. DeRon1

    staying on the internet

    Can someone tell me why my M17X R4 keeps dropping off the internet! I have had this problem for the last 2 months. I have had my internet provider here more than I really want. they have tweek and changed modems routers several times and still the same problem. So my next move was to call dell...
  11. DeRon1

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    Is this still for sell
  12. DeRon1

    Just got my new new alienware m14

    Congratz M8 and enjoy;)
  13. DeRon1

    The Bored Thread.

    Now that looks like i need to hop a flight for a game week! I haven't been on your side of the world since I was on the USS Nimitz for special duty with the squid and jarheads! needless to say its been a long time and I need to put it on my bucket list along with gold mining...:) ;) I'll...
  14. DeRon1

    The Bored Thread.

    I have not been on the forum that long but I find this thread a gr8 place to say anything on my mind and when i'm not really busy(which is always)talk about the things I don't quite no where to categorize the subject manner.;)
  15. DeRon1

    Hey Guys I'm Back

    Thanks guys for all your well wishes and concerns its an awesome feeling and it promotes good karma...I was at the doc's today and he had gr8 things to say so I no that everything will be fine for my family and I! Its awesome to come on this site and see the gr8 peeps and gr8 info. You guys make...
  16. DeRon1

    The Newest NVidia Driver 314.07

    I'm runnning it 314.07 on this M17X and i like it m8's
  17. DeRon1

    Hey Guys I'm Back

    Just wanted to pop in guys and gals to say hello and I miss being on the forum regularly but my Cancer treatment and the disease has had me down and out for a lil bit! I am presently moved up on the Kidney Donor list so things may get better for me soon well thats what we pray. But any ole way I...
  18. DeRon1

    The Newest NVidia Driver 314.07

    Newest Nividia Driver 314.07 GeForce 314.07 Driver As part of the NVIDIA Notebook Driver Program, this is a reference driver that can be installed on supported NVIDIA notebook GPUs. However, please note that your notebook original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides certified drivers for...
  19. DeRon1

    New Nvidia 313.95 beta drivers

    that was a nice one but the just came out with 314.07 on Feb, 18. 2013 I'm running now and I'll let you know how I feel m8's
  20. DeRon1

    Had a shit Valentines day ....

    Hello guys sorry bout ur bad day m8 but its always best to step away for a brief while! Just enough time for you both to think; However, I seem to always be the blame so I apologize and ask for a do over! If I want piece I admit to it being my fault even if it weren't!!! GOOD LUCK m8 and...