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  1. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    Ha ha, holeyguy66. Money's not that tight if your considering GTX 690s in SLI. And no, that's not a typo. I said GTX 690s. That would be 4 GPUs in total, on one of the fastest cards on the market. I'm yes, I'm jealous. : )
  2. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    I kept the Alien P2 chassis in excellent shape, and I gave you the finely crafted Alienware owner's manual along with it. Enjoy it DDuB420, it's one of the nicest cases I've seen.
  3. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    DDuB420, please let me know if your delivery was successful. Thanks, and good luck with your build.
  4. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    Ok DDub420, you've got yourself an Alien P2 chassis in excellent condition, mate. I'll be picking up my kids after work Fri, returning at 8 PM. Will that work, or do you have another suggestion? I'll be around all weekend.
  5. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    Ha ha. Not likely since we're 20 hours away by airplane, but your gf no doubt has the loveliest Aussie accent ever. You are the lucky one, I'd say.
  6. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    Midtown, at Yonge & Eglinton. Right next to North York, ha ha. At least in relative terms. It's less than 13 minutes to North York Canada Computers, for example.
  7. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    Picking it up would undoubtedly make it the most fabulously incredible deal ever, DDuB420. Without a doubt. The item's still for sale. Where are you located in Canada, because I'm in Toronto?
  8. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    Steel construction. Heavier than more recent cases and full-size. Can take ATX, mini-ATX or E-ATX motherboards. - - - - - Updated - - - - - I'd take $65 for it, O.B.O., plus shipping of course, as I already mentioned.
  9. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    Yes, the daughter board (MIO board, is what I think it is called) is complete and installed. Connect it up to the motherboard on USB 1 channel, download the AlienFX software from Alienware.com Support MyHIVE and you can control the fancy case lighting with it.
  10. LW_Black4

    Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

    I'm parting with my classic Alienware Predator 2 (P2) chassis, and would like it to end up in a good home. It's a fabulous blue, came to me as an Area-51 7500 build, is packed safely away it's original shipping crate, complete with finely crafted user manual binder. Uses AlienFX...
  11. LW_Black4

    vengeance is so nice

    Vengeance memory is great as long as it`s not an X79 chipset platform. For the X79 platform Vengeance memory has proved to be troublesome, and the Republic of Gamers forums recommend Dominator series memory instead.
  12. LW_Black4

    Newby Saying Hello

    Enjoy your new Rig. For gaming it's best to have a big-ass card and a system that won't hold it back, and you've selected well in that regard. Have fun with it, and play hard!
  13. LW_Black4

    What do you play?

    Battlefield 3 multiplayer is the only game I play now, and am a Clan co-founder. bf3canadianclan.com However, I have Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 installed on my system, just in case. Ha ha.
  14. LW_Black4

    Next AWO Raffle Poll

    Aurora. Had a gaming laptop once (Dell XPS) and would never go back. Desktops are so much more upgradable and less proprietary.
  15. LW_Black4


    Picked up the CS:GO version of Steelseries Siberia V2 headset because it has wicked camo, but Battlefield 3 is really the only game I play, mate. Here's a picture :
  16. LW_Black4

    Desktop Screenshots

    I like basic and uncluttered, with pictures of my kids in the gadget to the right.
  17. LW_Black4

    FS: Alienware Aurora ALX R4 - $1,500

    This is an excellent deal, for a superb system.
  18. LW_Black4

    Area-51 Owners - Check In Thread

    I have an Alienware Area-51 7500 system. It's the Predator 2 (P2) case. I've upgraded it with a Republic of Gamers motherboard and a Sandy Bridge Core i7 processor. And I learned a lot about systems and what makes them fast in the process. I've doubled my Novabench scores to 1942 and...
  19. LW_Black4

    Alienware Area 51 Mod Project

    Fabulous upgrade, and congrats on sorting out the AlienFX lighting - which I am still struggling with. A big-ass 3rd Gen graphics card would totally Rock your system, mate.
  20. LW_Black4

    Newcomer from Apple's world :)

    Welcome back to the dark side! Ha ha.