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  1. EMT911inWI

    Alienware X51 R3 - Graphics Upgrade

    Looking at upgrading from the 960 to a little bit bigger preferably with 4GB of RAM as I am running a 4k monitor. I do have the external graphics amplifier but would like to fit the biggest possible card in the X51 and not utilize the amplifier unless I have to. So my questions are: 1)Who has...
  2. EMT911inWI

    Officially an OWNER!

    Well, I received my X51 last week and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed! I took advantage of the recent savings on the I-7 with 16GB of ram and upgraded to the Nvidia GTX660. I am floored at the difference in gameplay. I played some WoW and MW3 over the weekend and it is simply amazing...
  3. EMT911inWI

    Ready to purchase (for real)!

    I am back on the bandwagon and ready to make a purchase of the X51! Is anyone aware of any discount codes?
  4. EMT911inWI

    Happy Birthday AeonSoul!

    Happy Happy Birthday! ;)
  5. EMT911inWI

    What do you drive thread!?!

    Always interested in seeing what everyone drives. Currently I have 3 vehicles in my garage. 2008 - Volkswagen GLI - Black - Autobahn Package 2011- Volkswagen GTI - Black - Autobahn Package - Tuned with the ECS Tune (Currently running at 240HP Stage 2 Kit) 2009 - Yamaha FZ6R - Canary...
  6. EMT911inWI

    Would you eat it?

    Awhile ago on another forum we started the "Would you eat it" game/thread. I still hold the record for the most NO WAY's on this little prize. Post up your crazy finds and let's see who can take the cake here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxQmOR_QLfQ&feature=player_embedded **For those of...
  7. EMT911inWI

    $100.00 off Alienware X51

    http://www.dell.com/us/p/alienware-x51/pd?oc=dpcwxn4&model_id=alienware-x51&dgc=EM&cid=245950&lid=4238111&acd=UKABU0-Y32ZQ-9M8UWBX-4ZAJOO-S31FPE-v1 Just had this come through today! I may have to pull the trigger....
  8. EMT911inWI

    Valve Nukes "Steam Box" Reports; Focusing on New UI.

    Article from "Tom's Hardware" 3/9/2012 The beginning of the week brought reports that Valve was working on something called "Steam Box," a list of hardware specs and associated software that manufacturers would turn around and build to sell under Valve's certified label. Much like PC gamers...
  9. EMT911inWI

    M14X Upgrades

    After doing some extensive research and deciding to change around some parts on my M14X I have come up with the following information. Below you will find listed the parts that are upgradeable and what they can be upgraded too. Hope this is useful to those of you who are proud M14X owners. A)...
  10. EMT911inWI

    Windows 7 "god" mode

    A pretty cool little trick to enable/show all of the settings for Windows 7. Follow the instructions below. 1)Create a new folder either on your desktop or somewhere else in your C:/ drive. 2)Rename the folder to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} (Be aware that you can change the...
  11. EMT911inWI

    Finger on the button..

    Soooo I was able to sell my old home PC and was able to get pretty much exactly what I need to move forward with the purchase of the X51 as a complete replacement for my current desktop setup. I'm a little apprehensive though at this point and was hoping to get some more feedback from those of...
  12. EMT911inWI

    Bluetooth Issues

    Has anyone experienced any problems with the bluetooth on this machine? I am continually having problems getting connected to my mouse or headset. I've looked at the possibility of it being driver related but have come up empty handed up to this point. Any insight would be appreciated! I...
  13. EMT911inWI

    Fan Noise

    I know they put out an updated BIOS that addressed some of the excessive fan noise, but have any of you found any additional ways to quiet down this little turbo jet? If I'm playing any graphic intensive game this thing sounds like it's going to take off. I know it's the nature of the beast but...
  14. EMT911inWI

    Hey all!

    Howdy everyone! Site is looking great Tommy! Some of you may know me already..I've gone by the gamer tag SWAT_Sniper and have known Tommy for quite a few years now. I'm an avid gamer, currently playing Star Wars The Old Republic and loving it. I'm also an owner of multiple Alienware gaming...