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  1. ripperbone

    Alienware branded Windows 7 disc

    I got my disk from dell. I called them and told them I never received the disk. They sent me a copy. Try that first Celsius
  2. ripperbone

    iPad Air

    how is the ipad air? i have a mini but been looking to upgrade to a bigger ipad
  3. ripperbone

    $10000 Alienware fossil watch WOW!

    no fossil watch is worth that much. I like it but not at that price - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto Merged - - - - - seeing is how its $200+ new
  4. ripperbone

    What movie did you just see?

    I seen 5 mins of it and that was 5 mins too much, that movie sucked so bad
  5. ripperbone

    Finally got my alien armor

    man that is sweet. i want one now
  6. ripperbone

    What movie did you just see?

    just took my 3 year old boy to see Planes. its not as good as cars but its cool for kids.
  7. ripperbone

    M11x is it worth it?

    dang, I wish I could find one in the us dell outlet, I would be on that like white on rice. I been checking everyday.
  8. ripperbone

    What movie did you just see?

    took my son to see Monsters University. pretty good
  9. ripperbone

    JUNE 10 2013 - Alienware announces new refresh and more?

    me too, been waiting for the release date
  10. ripperbone

    2013 Refresh of Alienware Bags

    im liking the new backpack, been thinking I might order one. I do how ever like my Camo Orion one
  11. ripperbone

    What movie did you just see?

    watch Fast and Furious 6. pretty good movie
  12. ripperbone

    The "Movie Name" Game.

  13. ripperbone

    What movie did you just see?

    heck yeah. my Birthday is on Friday
  14. ripperbone

    What movie did you just see?

    Dang. Star Trek looks sweet
  15. ripperbone

    66% off Star wars games on Steam

    Steam is having a 66% of sale on the Star Wars Games the games are Star Wars Republic Commando™ , Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Star Wars Battlefront® II , Star Wars Starfighter™, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Jedi Knight...
  16. ripperbone

    They have arrived!

    AWESOME. are the specs the same between the 2
  17. ripperbone

    What movie did you just see?

    Just watched Oz the great and powerful. It's not that bad.
  18. ripperbone

    Need help with my cooling pad!

    i have the Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat under my M17X-R3 and it fits perfect. its the same width and length
  19. ripperbone

    What movie did you just see?

    The wife and I are taking a break from the new baby (granny watching him) to go see GI Joe pretty good movie I enjoyed it. the Snake Eyes - Storm Shadow screens were bad ass
  20. ripperbone

    Battlefield 4

    im excited. after watching the 17mins of game footage it looks bad ass