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    Had to use my desktop because R3 wont go online!

    I'm sick of this....a bloody expensive laptop sitting there, cant get online plus as slow as a week in jail to boot up.....I know I've got another thread about it and a few were very helpfull sending links to reinstall drivers ect, but it's still as bad. There's obviously something somewhere not...
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    AW command centre wont install on R3

    I really am having fun and bloody games with this dam laptop! I went to turn the brightness down as it hurts my eye, it wont do it, then I thought, I'd better put AW command centre on, so downloaded it from Dell ect....half way though it said I need the .NET thingy...so downloaded that then...
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    What Intel driver do I need for an M17xR3

    In order to get online to get the rest of the drivers....I'll be using Killer Wireless but need the Intel or Qualcom driver....can anyone help
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    R3 takes ages to boot up

    It takes a full 2 mins to boot before you can use it, I know that's not that long but you compare it to my other laptop (5 year old HP NC6320 with 4gb ram, 1.6ghz, 80gb h/d) which boots and ready to work in about 1 minute, the AW's a bloody joke!. It's not as if I've got alot of stuff on it (AW)...
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    Strange internet connection problem

    With an AW M17xR3 I'm on Virgin media with an up to 10mb (i think) bb....the laptop's an 17 2.5, 8gb ram, 250gb x 2 hd's, 6970M card.....but half the time i cant get on the net, infact quite alot i've got trouble just opening Google!.....this is despite the connection icon on the taskbar...
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    Wanted : Radeon 7970M

    For M17xR3....cash waiting
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    Is it normal for a duff battery to heat up

    on an R3...after a full charge it's only lasting about an hr (just!), I know I'll need a new one, but this one heats quite hot
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    Has anyone had this happen before

    I havent..... While using the desktop earlier, i had multiple windows open ie youtube, this one, a bike forum, a photographic forum and couple of others......the system froze, i rebooted (as ive did a few times in the past) this time the o/s dissapeared!....dont know how but it did. It's...
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    Dodgy Key board strokes on M17xR3

    I noticed this last night not long after getting it.....the left, right, up and down arrow buttons dont work right, could this be because of the heat or a dodgy motherboard......I think I'll be contacting him again!
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    Very hot underneath, especially the battery

    On an M17x R3....I just got it today (2nd hand but very good condition), everything's fine apart from this... I got a cool tray with it, it's got 2 fans in it and seems to work well...but after about 10 mins on it (whether you connect the fan or not (works on usb) the underneath of the laptop...
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    Was in PC world today

    I know I know.....I only went in because according to their online stuff, it said the branch near me had an HP Envy 17....got there.....they didnt, useless c :mad: ts! Then someone asked if they could "help"....I said what I was looking for, they said nearlly all the stores dont get them, and...
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    How does Mac/Apple compare with MS

    I've allways used Windows....but a mate said that Mac/Apple are more reliable ect, does anyone use one or had one
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    Are M18 R2's any good

    I've been offered one for a good price with about 7 months warranty (cant remember the spec) i was originally looking for an M17 R4.....should i take it....the 18 that is
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    Cant open virtual xp in win 7 pro

    I downloaded it via MS, i put in the desktop and when I go to open it, all I get is "windows cannot this file", when I try and open via explorer I get the blank page, what am I doing wrong I thought this was quite easy....I was wrong
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    what's the opinions of the M17 corp R1

    I saw one for sale at 800ish....are as good as the R4, or if not, can they be upgraded to
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    What's the best/right thing to do

    I'm going for an M17 R4....they/re both a few hundred miles from me in opposite directions, (one's 250 miles, the other's 350) both the same price....one's got the GTX675M, the other 7970M (same as my last M17 had in it)....do I go the extra 100 miles for the one with the 7970M or just stick...
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    Alienware M14x for sale

    It's 10 months old and as new, not a mark on it, has a month next day warranty left, but has a year stautory warrant, the spec is.. Intel(R)Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU, internal memory 8g 700gb hard drive Windows 7 home premium 64 Killer wireless Dvd/cd writer HDMI It comes with both boxes...
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    Problems after installing Windows 7 home

    The previous owner had W8 on it, I didnt like it so used the factory discs I got to put W7 back on But after installing, the graphics card's not right (has a GTX555m), as I only has 2 settings ie 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 also Alien FX isnt there, so cant adjust the keyboard setting/colours ect...
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    M17 wont boot up from 2nd h/d

    it's an ssd Agility 250gb....I've been into the bios god knows how many times and the dam thing just will not boot up from it....it's allways from the 500gb "ordinary"......maybe something simple but I dont know.....how is it done? Also.....how do you (or can you) scroll from the finger pad...
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    Keyboard's going...

    Tits up....quite alot of the time when I press the keys the I dnt get the letter on the sreen, I dont get this problem on my desktop's keyboard. As fr as I know, nothing needs upgraded....does ayone kow what's wrong?