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    Single Card vs. SLI

    I am sure this has been asked about 1000 times, but looking at getting a new M17x (or possibly upgrading the older one) and looking at either 2GB Nvidia 680M or dual 680Ms in SLI formation. Is there really an advantage to SLI? I've had the Radeon Crossfire setup in my current rig and it's caused...
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    Advice on Aurora Rigs

    Hey Guys: I've got two boys, 12 and 11, who are in dire need of new computers. I would like to get them as advanced a desktop rig as possible, but I don't want to end up spending $8000 on computers for them. Given the standards of current games, can you guys make a suggestion about...
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    M17 Radeon Crossfire Driver Issue

    Hello All: New to the forums here, but I've owned my Alienware laptop for about 2 years. It's a 17x with dual Radeon 5870s in a crossfire formation. I have NEVER been able to successfully update the original driver. I am assuming the crossfire configuration is causing this, but I have no...