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  1. Cass-Olé

    240mm radiator

    360 RAD spotted on redditware forum > Alienware A51 R2 upgrade and mod "I use a drill to make new holes to put the Screws on the front and put the 360rad and the fan in a good place, y cut all the brackets to fit the fans, because every fan stop or crash with the bracket, basically I cannot put...
  2. Cass-Olé

    Motherboard Swap Database

    MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk (AMD 5800x CPU) ok in A51 R2 --> "happy with the upgrade as even the lights perfectly work"
  3. Cass-Olé

    My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs

    Sure, you could grab spare parts off of it & resell it for a little less than you paid, depending if buyer is ok with whatever you grabbed relative to the price you ask. The list price is good enough to start another build with as well, knowing the closer to 150 u can get it for, the better...
  4. Cass-Olé

    My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs

    KYCKM cable will probably work out, if u get it an extension of suitable length. Looking at it, if we call the pin-block = pin10, it'll fit over the front panel header, & from there, pins 1-3-5-7 all look ok left vs right, 2-4-6-8 all look ok left vs right, looks like a basic front panel cable...
  5. Cass-Olé

    hard drives configuration

    Not sure … Consider joining / posting / browsing the Dellware forums Alienware Laptops | Windows 10 & see NoteBookReview subforums Windows OS Software | Alienware | Alienware 14 ***Edit: Redditware forum (=
  6. Cass-Olé

    My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs

    @eg1122 I was typing while u posted, sorry Part# for original USB1 cable is 3RK0N | USB3.0 is 8293G | (Front) Panel1 is 3DVC4 On page 2 post #39, you bought a 50Cm (20") basic USB cable female-to-female | 40Cm (16") USB extension | 30Cm (12") Front Panel extension + sleeved extension The 50Cm...
  7. Cass-Olé

    Link: Aurora R4 Full-ATX Z490 240mm Rad Heavily Modded

    Seen on BitTech Forum (you might have to join to see all build-log pics) Project ALIENBASE - Alienware Aurora R4 Case ATX mod CPU: Intel i5 10600K @ 4.8 GHz | MOBO: Gigabyte Z490 Vision D | VGA: Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming OC @ 2000 MHz | RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 Kingston Predator RGB @ 4000 MHz | PSU...
  8. Cass-Olé

    240mm radiator

    Disassemble, then cut / mod the front, similar to pictures in this thread & above
  9. Cass-Olé

    240 mm radiator on Area 51 R2?

    AlienOwners Thread: 240mm radiator I haven't seen a guide, & unless Orlov responds to your question in that other thread, then basically use your service manual to learn how to disassemble the front of case & cut holes for the fans to mount to ... H100i shown above right
  10. Cass-Olé

    Help, Suggestions, 10yr old Area 51 R1 (1.5)

    1) Is it important that I stick with an MSI branded mobo or is there one that will work best with the daughter board? No, any motherboard can work in the R1 … if u choose a wider E-ATX form factor, then u might need to move or tape the black snap-lok organizer 2) Do I need to purchase a new...
  11. Cass-Olé

    How to reuse old cooler?

    The OEM alien cooler is made by Asetek with a 2011-V3 retention ring, you have to buy a new retention ring from Asetek / Amazon store for the Intel CPU type you're swapping to, Z490 is LGA 1200/115x
  12. Cass-Olé

    My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs

    I used a 2.0 -to- 3.0 adaptor because my board didn't have USB3.0, your MSI board is newer & has 3.0 support Re-use your 3.0 cable or buy 8293G, plug it into FIO USB3FIO1 (large grey 19/20pin) & then plug other end into motherboard 3.0 header, it should reach (in rare instances an owner might...
  13. Cass-Olé

    My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs

    *Spare Parts: Head to Dell/UK & click the blue contact box, then chat or call. Give your service tag, parts are available for everyone to buy *HDD/SSD Caddy: the X51 type u linked to might be the SSD caddy, but those should have a pair of holes so two drives can mount in it, I don't have a...
  14. Cass-Olé

    My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs

    If it wasn't obvious, the rear FIO board relays the circuit from the front Alienhead power on button TO the motherboard front panel header. You either re-use the short factory Panel1 cable & buy it an extender / extension of suitable length, or, buy a new front panel cable of about 22" or longer...
  15. Cass-Olé

    My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs

    *ODD BEZEL: You'd need the plastic ODD bezel / bracket, I don't have a part# for it, or you'd need to make a retainer yourself *CD/DVD: Run your rear service tag & retrieve the part# for the original DVD or Blu-Ray, I sold my R2 case 3years ago but my tag said DVD Part# X6P9P |...
  16. Cass-Olé

    My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs

    @Domiratus did u get PSU figured out? It should just drop / slide in & retain it w/four rear PSU screws, the case accepts ATX PSUs, I've never heard of one that needed special treatment. The RM850x should be about same size as the factory 850w
  17. Cass-Olé

    Aurora R4 ALX looking for upgrade advice

    I suspect AWCC CmndCntr will little-by-little act weird as Win10 evolves 3.6 & 3.5 are what u want to use … u can try to disable wake timers, disable USB selective suspend in the power plan & turn off fast startup, see if it helps or not, if not maybe it will work normal in a future W10 update...
  18. Cass-Olé

    Alienware Area-51 ALX

    That's with newer R2-R7 models, for R1 just pick a motherboard out & put it in, follow page1 How to Install Command Center for a Non-Alienware Motherboard & install CmndCntr version 2.8.11 The factory case harness has all the cables & connectors needed (mthrbrd 24pin / CPU 8pin / Video /...
  19. Cass-Olé

    Hi to all AWO forum community!

    Hi, you can try to post into the Legacy desktop subforum here or try the Alien Discord I bookmarked a page about 6years ago & called it Pre-Dell CmndCntr, it's the only help I can give, I no longer remember what year make model or OS it works for. if it isn't what u need then try the subforum...
  20. Cass-Olé

    MIO help

    The Aurora R4 Bios Registry Info is now attached on page 3 post #43 (so is the Area-51 R2 Info), head there & grab it & use it. You can install CmndCntr 3.5 or 3.6 along with W10 … I'm still on 3.5 here & it seems to work ok It used to be on page 1 post #2 as a link called Media Item 58 (the 51...