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    What Do You Know About The Member Above You?

    i dont know shit about anyone here XD BUT i do know that jenny has kids ... and tends to call people MIDDLE AGED PFFT
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    Sexy Planetside 2 moments?

    Maybe someone could start a Guild (not sure what its called on planetside 2) thread and get alot of people to represent Alienware within the game or something :P
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    Help setting up triple screening (please)

    Try youtube maybe? or Dell support would prob help too
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    Sexy Planetside 2 moments?

    I wanted to start this topic for people that have never heard of planetside 2 before, or even for people that want to play it but cant (Like me lol). Or for people that are having problems deciding if it's worth their time! So what are some storys u guys have! Maybe you have some videos, Screen...
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    3D Gameplay

    you should try getting a gaming mouse with the 7 buttons on the side.. in planetside 2 it comes in handy alot.. especially if ur mostly flying
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    PC Game Recommendations

    Planetside 2 FTW BB... when i get a better computer i plan to live on it lol
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    I'm an Alien...ware X51 owner

    Nice :D id love to own an alienware computer just so i could play Planetside 2 lol
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    Show off your games!!! Game screenshots

    o damn im jelly! i want to play planetside 2 so bad lol... but i cant bc my comp sucks too bad to even start it lol