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  1. PoOkiExL3oi

    Windows 10 upgrade

    Hello guys and gals! Has anyone updated to the latest Windows 10. Those that did get the New Windows 10 let me know what you think of the operating system and if there was any issues during instill and how is the usability. Let us know so we can all talk about it and hopefully if someone else...
  2. PoOkiExL3oi

    Gave away my M14x R2

    Hi Alienowners! It's been a long while since I posted anything hope all of you are doing well. Just letting everyone know I've given away my M14x R2 Laptop. My brother in law needed a laptop asap. I wasn't in need of the M14x R2 and it was sitting in my apartment collecting dust. I used it for...
  3. PoOkiExL3oi

    Black Screen and 6 beeps on my Aurora R1

    Hi guys I'm having an issue on my Aurora R1. I would constantly get a black screen and a system reboot. I tried to swap monitors awhile back and the black screen never got fixed. I tried swapping out my memory cards and that didn't fix the problem. It actually got worse because before it was...
  4. PoOkiExL3oi

    Alienware Aurora R1 GPU Upgrade.

    Hi everyone! I plan on doing an upgrade on my GPU sometime in the near future (End of year to be exact). My question is if I do change my old GPU will the newer GPU will it be compatible with the Aurora R1's motherboard and/or will there be any bottleneck issues if I did get a later model GPU...
  5. PoOkiExL3oi

    It's been several months since I've been on but I'm back

    Hi everyone! I just want to announce that I am finally back in A/O. I've been attempting to catch up with you all in A/O but I've been really busy with my work schedule (On call 24/7) . I finish college back in December and got hired on as a T.P.I and ever since then I been Mr. Busy Body lol...
  6. PoOkiExL3oi

    Alienware Laptop Bags.

    Just a general discussion about Alienware laptop bags I would like to know which model M##x you own and what brand you chose to buy and how it suits your everyday life style. (Ex. What Brand? What you chose backpack or messenger bags? What size laptop the bag will fit? Is it TSA compliant for...
  7. PoOkiExL3oi

    For Sale Used Samsung Solid State Drive 128gb 470 Series.

    If anyone out there is interested I am selling my used Samsung 128Gb 470 Series SSD MZ5PA128 Asking Price: $90.00 OBO I will provide free standard shipping unless the buyer wants it shipped 2-day or Next Day then you will have to pay for the extra cost of shipping. It's the first generation...
  8. PoOkiExL3oi

    I finally ordered the M14x laptop

    Great news everyone! I finally ordered the M14x R2 Laptop today it will be shipped on 11/23/12 Im so anxious right now to recieve it I was suppose to wait till December to order the M14x, but I had to get it now for the company I will be working for and it requires me to travel and be on the...
  9. PoOkiExL3oi

    Gaming Monitors

    Hey! What's up AlienOwners I just thought about Monitors tonight and decided to make it a topic for us Gamers who want the best screen quality. I'm no expert at this so bare with me = ) I'm sure we all know what a Monitor is and if you didn't know it's the screen that you stare at in front of...
  10. PoOkiExL3oi

    Any update for the M14x Laptop?

    It's probably early to ask, but has anyone herd/read any news for a update/refresh to the M14x? I'm curious because I'm looking to buy the M14x sometime during the Holiday Season and was wondering if Alienware will change anything with the M14x ex.(style, software, hardware, etc.) I don't want...
  11. PoOkiExL3oi

    Tropical Storm Ike is here

    T.S. Ike Turner is about to whip the Gulf Coast Arss let's just hope Tina Turner isn't around lol I know that was so corny. Anyways lets pray this weather isn't as bad as Hurricane Katrina. Wish us all in the Gulf Region luck Ao's
  12. PoOkiExL3oi

    Total War: Rome 2

    If u like Strategy games as much as I do check out Total Wars Rome 2 coming soon to a PC near you I can't wait till this comes out!
  13. PoOkiExL3oi

    Samsung SSD on sale

    Hey Alienowners just in case if you guys n gals didn't know there is a Sale going on for Samsung SSD's on NewEggs website. Get it while it last's I'm going to purchase me the 128Gb 830 series and make it a raid 0 since I already have a 128Gb 470 series.
  14. PoOkiExL3oi

    Occasional Black Screen

    Hi AlienwareOwners. This should be a good question. Ok my Samsung PX2370 Led monitor occassionally goes into a complete black screen. I could be gaming, surfing the web or just booting up the computer and it will sometimes black out. This has happened on occasions not every time since the last...
  15. PoOkiExL3oi

    I'm Brand Spanking New to this site!

    HELLO!! New to this site and just want to give a shout out to all the Alienware Owner's, Cheers!