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  1. Rypac1502

    SSD upgrade done

    I've got the same Intel 320 SSD in my M17x. I can't utilize SATA III speeds in my R2 so the 320 seemed like the pick of the SATA II drives, with great performance and reliability and also reasonably cheap. Like yours OverRide, mine has been perfect so far.
  2. Rypac1502

    Grand RE-Opening of

    That's a shame to hear about your database crash. I hope the site will take off quickly for you. :) It's a great competition you've got going by the way!
  3. Rypac1502

    Hey fellow Aliens...

    Hey guys, just signed up here so I thought I'd come and say hi. I've got a couple of Alienwares and I guess it's pretty safe to say that I'm a bit of a fanboy. I just couldn't see myself going for another brand of computer. Nothing I have come across looks and performs as mean, solid and...