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    Alienware Powered By Intel Ivy Bridge Processors!

    Alienware Homepage was updated today and now the new Alienware's are powered by the 3rd gen Processors from Intel Check it out (:]
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    And Then My M14x Froze :(

    huh! an unbelievable thing happened today.... i was copying some newly downloaded songs to my cellphone and then i started browsing the internet and suddenly the laptop stopped to respond (except for the mouse pointer "Strange") i had to force shutdown :( so is this only me ?....running on 8GB...
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    something has happened to my posts (and many other members) they have decreased :( ..... my half star is robbed :D jk jk
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    Just Being Curious About The HDMI-IN Port In M17x & M18x, What Is It For? :confused:
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    Falcon Northwest

    Anyone Has Seen The Laptops From Falcon NW, I Just Visited Their Website And Found Out There Are Pretty Cool Laptops (Gaming) :cool: Any One Has Seen Them In Action?....There Are No Reviews About It Anywhere So Thought Of Posting It Here :)....According To Wiki It Was Introduced Before...
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    Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

    This Is Another Win7 Feature For Laptops Which Gives A Full Report On Power Usage..... Open Command Prompt As Admin And Type This Command line "powercfg -energy -output \Energy_Report.html" Without Quotes Offcourse...(It Takes Upto 1 min To Analyse (Gather info) ) And A Full HTML Report Will...
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    Sleeping Sickness! !???

    Sometimes My M14x Goes To Sleep Mode After Some Time But When I Press The Power Button It Doesn't Wake Up At All... The Only Way Get It To Work Is The Force Shotdown (Holding The Power Key For » 8 Sec).....What Might Be Causing This ?
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    China?!??!! :(

    Why On Earth are All The Alienware Laptops Made In China??? :mad:.... I Really Feel Awkward When My Friends Who Take A Look At Laptop And Find That Its Made In China And Start Making Fun Of The Beast :mad:
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    Recommend Me Some Speakers

    I'm Thinking Of Buying Some Speakers I'd Like To Hear Your Suggestions, Should Have A Good Sub-woofer :rolleyes: My Budget Is 25000INR Which Is Approx 500 USD
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    Who's The Youngest Member On This Forum?

    Just Got Bored After Browsing Through All The Threads This Thing Came To My Mind (Being Jobless) So Just Post Your Age And Lets See Who's The Youngest :) So Starting With Me: 16 Years Old Here
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    Unresponsive :(

    Hey All Recently I Experienced That At Peak Hours This Website Becomes Very Slow And Unresponsive :( For A Thread To Open It Takes Upto Minute...Is It Just Me Or Even Others Experience This?....
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    Whooo Hooooooo :P First Indian USER lol

    Hey Every One Newbie Here... Love Alienware and a Devotee Too :) hope i'll be helped out in here PEACE
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    Different Colours In Each Zone Using Winamp Alien Fx Plugin (M14x)

    I Have Seen A Video In Youtube Where I Saw That Each Zones Where Lighting Up With Different Colors While Playing Music With Alien Fx Visualization Plugin....The Uploader Said To Assign Different Frequencies To Each Zone... How Do We Do That..... Anyone Knows??????????????:confused:
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    Heating Up Like Hell While Playing Battlefield 3 On M14x :mad:

    Only Con About The M14x According To Me Is That It Gets Heated Up Very Fast After A Hour Of Gaming It Will Be Almost Impossible To Touch The Base....Is It Just Me Or All The Users Are Experiencing The Same Problem....