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  1. PoOkiExL3oi

    Windows 10 upgrade

    Hello guys and gals! Has anyone updated to the latest Windows 10. Those that did get the New Windows 10 let me know what you think of the operating system and if there was any issues during instill and how is the usability. Let us know so we can all talk about it and hopefully if someone else...
  2. PoOkiExL3oi

    DELL / ALIENWARE Company Reps

    Awesome good to see all the new members and dell company reps. Maybe the company reps at dell can tell us why the Aurora (Late 2009) don't have supported updated drivers for the windows 10 upgrade. Seems like those of us with a late 2009 Aurora/ALX are left behind sigh. :cool:
  3. PoOkiExL3oi

    Aurora R4 Upgrading to GTX 970

    Take a picture of your new video cards for us to to see = )
  4. PoOkiExL3oi

    My modded Aurora R3

    One day I'll upgrade my Motherboard and chipset also. Hopefully I can do something similar to yours. Great job!
  5. PoOkiExL3oi

    Gave away my M14x R2

    Hi Alienowners! It's been a long while since I posted anything hope all of you are doing well. Just letting everyone know I've given away my M14x R2 Laptop. My brother in law needed a laptop asap. I wasn't in need of the M14x R2 and it was sitting in my apartment collecting dust. I used it for...
  6. PoOkiExL3oi

    Alienware 14 - Unboxing

    Nice Unboxing and thanks for doing it. I am back again guys = )
  7. PoOkiExL3oi

    Should I return my m14x r2 for the alienware 14??

    I'm enjoying my 9 month old M14x R2, but as for you "do tha damn thang" and get that 14 = )
  8. PoOkiExL3oi

    New Alienware laptops

    Look at that and I just bought my m14x back in December 2012' now this beast comes out arrggghhh! LoL Not really feeling the new look it's going to take time to grow into and the color is not my favorite either IMO. Still love my AW m14x laptop (Nebula Red) sex-say!
  9. PoOkiExL3oi

    Hi from TX

    Welcome Voray, hope your search will end up being an Alienware and nothing else ; ) - - - - - Updated; Double Post Auto Merged - - - - - Welcome Vipor, hope your search will end up being an Alienware and nothing else ; )
  10. PoOkiExL3oi

    Watercooled GTX690

    Oh Yeah! Rigghhty!
  11. PoOkiExL3oi

    Black Screen and 6 beeps on my Aurora R1

    Good Bye ATI Radeon HD 5970 you did good but not good enough, but now it's time for you to go. Out with the old in with the new Galaxy GeForce GTX 680 GC White Edition 2GB. So far so good I've been running the new GPU for about 2 weeks now and no issue has occurred. Graphics on this new card is...
  12. PoOkiExL3oi

    Complete Noob Starts Upgrading Aurora R4

    WOW! Nice job, gave me some ideas for future plans lol.
  13. PoOkiExL3oi

    Help!! Flashing Screen!!

    This isn't the first time I herd issues like this either I know there are actually good techs out there, but I'm not going to take that chance I'd prefer doing it myself that way I know how to fix my own computer. When I had warranty I tell the guys at DellAware to diagnose the issue then tell...
  14. PoOkiExL3oi

    Black Screen and 6 beeps on my Aurora R1

    Thanks guys! This has been an on going issue for the past 6 months or more I can't remember anymore it has been frustrating having a black screen during my game sessions and during my hours doing my reports for work. I've tried to diagnose most of the easy fix solutions and none of it worked...
  15. PoOkiExL3oi

    Black Screen and 6 beeps on my Aurora R1

    Thanks for the tip. I found out 6 beeps is a GPU failure on DellAwares troubleshooting guide. So I decided to order this today and I can't wait to put it in. Hope this will solve all my problems and this gpu is pretty darn sexy I...
  16. PoOkiExL3oi

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm and I haven't gotten the chance to even open the game out of it's plastic wrapping yet. Computer issues needs to be fixed first before I play this game.
  17. PoOkiExL3oi

    Black Screen and 6 beeps on my Aurora R1

    Hi guys I'm having an issue on my Aurora R1. I would constantly get a black screen and a system reboot. I tried to swap monitors awhile back and the black screen never got fixed. I tried swapping out my memory cards and that didn't fix the problem. It actually got worse because before it was...
  18. PoOkiExL3oi

    Whats up people !?

    Welcome to AwO my friends hope you enjoy it as much as we do