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  1. Darkest_Shadows_666

    Got My Forth Alienware Friday!

    Hi everyone i not posted in forever on here but i bean a member sence 2013 my how time flys i still have my original Alienware M17xR4 still runs perfect nothing wrong Alienware's are brick tanks the build quietly is insane i also had an Best Buy Alienware Aurora R2 and i sold it to my friend...
  2. Darkest_Shadows_666

    TactX Software

    i have the Tactx Mouse and keyboard but i can't find my Software i tried searching for them but no luck anywhere i can download them they work and in my command center i can change the color and they work fine but i can't program the keyboard or macro keys or on the mouse i can't...
  3. Darkest_Shadows_666

    Has Anyone....

    made or seen the alienware head and/or logo in mindcraft pixel style? i would love that if someone could do that i even put it on my profile picture :D hope someone has and can tell me <.<
  4. Darkest_Shadows_666

    Custom Your Desktop Or Not?

    hello all do you like to run it bare bones no flash and bang to save the system for gaming or do you like to dress it up by running Rain meter dream scene or anything else if you can list things on here that are cheap or better yet free like rain meter or dream scene i would love to know if i...
  5. Darkest_Shadows_666

    Hello Alien World!

    i was looking for a plug in for my winamp and i came across this forum i read some posts and it helped me get my alienfx to work on winamp for my M17XR4 :cool: thank you to the posters who helped me with that :) My name is JJ and i have been into computers forever this is my third alienware i...