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  1. pingz7

    m14x R3

    Does anyone have any idea when will be the next m14x refresh and what upgrades do you think it will be getting?
  2. pingz7

    Crysis 3 System Requirements Detail

    Get your upgrade planned, because Crytek just released the system requirements for upcoming Crysis 3 and the maximum spec requires a tricked out 2012-rig, so plan ahead for Feb, upgraders Hi Performance System Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Latest DirectX 11 graphics...
  3. pingz7

    Star Wars: TOR Play to level 50 for free.

    I am still thinking whether I should jump into this bandwagon or not. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. pingz7

    Hello everybody in awo

    Hi there... I'm new in this forum. Hope I can get to know more alienware owners as I just started to jump into the alien ware bandwagon and hope that you guys can give me some suggestions on my very first aw purchase. Nic 2