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  1. CJohnny

    External Hard Drive. "Singing High Pitch"

    As Title. It is a Slave Drive from a DELL DeskTop. 5 years or so. Samsung 120GB. Just put it in a External Box and transfer the data out. It has nosie even before inside the Tower. But as now, it is out in the open. Pretty much open. Question is: Are the 'Bearing' cooked? I...
  2. CJohnny

    OMG! Better be late then Overlook.

    Not aware there is a Check In Thread. Anyway. Hello Everyone here at AWO. I am a simple guy, doing what most of everybody are doing everyday. Eat, Sleep, Play... And taking Alienware apart. :p Hope I can give out useful comments. Talk to all of you around.
  3. CJohnny

    DDR3 1866MHz

    As Title. Has anybody Successfully Installed it on a M17XR3. 1600MHz without a doubt. Again the 1600 CL 10-10-10 1866 CL 11-11-11 Any advice are all good. Thx