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  1. pingz7

    New Alienware laptops

    Will do as my budget allow. Yup.. M from Brunei. Oh you used to live in Kb. I'm from Brunei Muara. So I'm guessing u moved back or migrated? Where are you living at now? I'm glad to see that I am not the only one whose from Brunei in this forum. :D
  2. pingz7

    Killer N-1103 Wifi

    Go for a router that has 3 antenna or a good one like a linksys e series. I'm using a linksys router and it's very good
  3. pingz7

    Issue with Bigfoot Killer card

    Sorry to hear about that. Mine is running with no problem at all on a win8.
  4. pingz7

    Tips for saving money when buying a new computer

    Thanks for this tips. It really helps me alot on my decision in getting my new laptop.
  5. pingz7

    New Alienware laptops

    The new design looks very slick and tempting. Thinking of replacing my m11x. Any suggestions on what spec shud I get for the new m14?
  6. pingz7

    Batman Arkham Origins

    The trailer looks good. But the problem is I can't seem to find it on steam. I think it's due to some region restriction because its too violent? Any idea on when can I pre order it and also is it region free?
  7. pingz7

    What Console Games are you playing? And why?

    Call of duty black ops 2 and battlefield 3
  8. pingz7

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    Recently bought crysis 3 hunters edition and pre ordered battlefield 4 from origins.
  9. pingz7

    Battlefield 4

    This is a must have game. Epic graphics and game play.
  10. pingz7

    m14x R3

    Does anyone have any idea when will be the next m14x refresh and what upgrades do you think it will be getting?
  11. pingz7

    Next AWO Raffle Poll

    Looking forward to the raffles and it will be my first time. BTW how do I buy the raffle tickets? I'm new in this. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  12. pingz7

    Need opinions on system before Christmas

    Your son will be a very happy boy. Haha Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  13. pingz7


    Congrats!!! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  14. pingz7

    Crysis 3 System Requirements Detail

    Get your upgrade planned, because Crytek just released the system requirements for upcoming Crysis 3 and the maximum spec requires a tricked out 2012-rig, so plan ahead for Feb, upgraders Hi Performance System Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Latest DirectX 11 graphics...
  15. pingz7

    Star Wars: TOR Play to level 50 for free.

    I am still thinking whether I should jump into this bandwagon or not. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  16. pingz7


    CS Go is just so awesome
  17. pingz7

    Need opinions on system before Christmas

    That's an awesome deal and I am sure your 12 year old would love it.
  18. pingz7

    I finally ordered the M14x laptop

    Congrats on your new beast!!
  19. pingz7

    M14x R2 Memory/Wireless Card Teardown Video

    Cool.. Thanks for the vid upload.
  20. pingz7

    How many fans are in the M14X?

    There whould be one only.