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    Windows and Linux

    A friend of mine has both Win 7 and a Linux OS (Ubuntu, I guess) in his computer. I know it is possible to have two Operating Systems in your computer. Though, I am curious about the potential issues you should be aware of.
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    Your computers at home

    How many computers do you (and other family members) have at home? Are all the computers connected in a network? Do you use a wireless or wired network?
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    Factors to consider

    When it comes to buying a laptop, particularly of Alienware, what factors do you think you should consider? I know the main factors are the design, performance, and price. But what else?
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    Not the fastest type of connection

    What type of internet connection are you using now? I am curious if there are any of you still using dial-up connection. It is not the fastest type of connection, but for some people, it is the only connection available.