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    Aurora R10 (AMD Smart Access Memory)

    I will find the site again for you, i seached Alienware Europe and then i had a choice of which country, blah ,blah, I will find it again though. It gets weirder, I did the chat thing and asked the agent about it, I asked TWO agents and they both said they would email me the infor, NEITHER one...
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    Aurora R10 (AMD Smart Access Memory)

    Hi, may I ask where you found one with the Ryzen 5950x? I cannot find one , the Dell site does not have the option Thank u
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    Aurora Ryzen Editon US & Europe differences

    Hi All Was hoping someone could shed some light on why the 5950x is only available on the Europe Site and Not in the U.S.?? Trying to get the Aurora Ryzen Editon with the Ryzen 5950x and its not available in the States, Only Europe Any Help ?? Thank U
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    Alienware differences U.S.-Europe

    HI All, Question: Wondering why the Aurora Ryzen with the 5950x is only an option in Europe and not the U.S. ?? I have a Aurora 11 i9-10900kf with NVIDIA 3090 AND I have a Area 51m R2 with a i9-10900 NVIDIA 1660ti: Now I am after the Ryzen Editon with the 5950x and 5800 is all that is...