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    Arma 2 and DayZ. Why You No play With Me?

    I just wanted to tell you guys about the SWAT DayZ server. Map: Taviana Type: EPOCH, Survival PvE Restrictions: NO! PvP. (unless it takes place on certain occasions with admin spawned tanks and such but those are special nights and only involve those who are willing) NO Stealing! NO acts of...
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    Happy Turkey Day To You

    [Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving day holiday.
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    Cydneys Turkey Brine

    This is the Turkey brine that I use. If done correctly this the best tasting and juiciest turkey I have ever eaten. Ingredients Raw whole turkey 5-gallon bucket (like from Home Depot) 3-pound box of kosher salt 1 tablespoon of whole black peppercorns 2 gallons chicken broth (water mixed...
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    Truth in gaming.

    True because everyone in society has to be a winner and if you do not hand out 25th place trophies the first place winner will be seen as a bully and society will tear them down because everyone must be coddled and made to feel special even though they are not. Winning is the new losing...
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    Author Tom Clancy Dead at 66

    RIP Tom Clancy.
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    Borderlands 2

    Yes this is a recycled thread from another forum only because I wanted to get a thread started and needed to do it fast. The updates and everything else should be new though. I cannot believe that I did not make a BL2 thread here of all places. I like BL and I love BL2. Share your...
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    Quit Horsing Around

    Every time I hear people talking about how they were cut off by a bicyclist. How the bicyclist(s) were riding in the street or HWY either by themselves or 2, 3, 4 or more across impeding traffic and totally ignoring the bicycle lane. Or how the bicyclists ignore the laws of the road (like...
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    The Person Above You Is Not Allowed To _____________________ Anymore.

    So what is the person above you not allowed to do anymore?
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    Bubble Foot Ball

    With the way NFL rules are going I could see this being the end result.
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    What Do You Know About The Member Above You?

    So what do you know about the forum member above you? Or if you really do not then, What do you know the forum member above you for?
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    After Having Not Played...

    So I have been away from MP (aside form bots) for 3 - 5 months the long discrepancy is because I am so apathetic toward the game/franchise that I could probably be away from it for a year and think I was just playing it a few weeks ago. Anyway it appears that there have been some changes to...
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    The Pit

    Welcome to the pit................ The pit is a reasonably large, not too shallow grave. The idea is you name someone (alive) you dislike and who you think needs to be thrown in and why, the next person must give a minor defense of the previous nomination and then make a case for someone...
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    Is Nothing Sacred!

    I love Warhammer 40,000 so from my standpoint and how I view the WH40k world this was very "Grrr" inducing. Night Lords Imperial Fists The emperor Subjugators scout Necron pony Pre-Heresy Salamander World Eater Ultra marine SpaceWolf Unidentified...
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    BO2 To Introduce Micro-Transactions (XBOX for now?)

    Black Ops 2 title update adds micro-transactions, including gun covered in bacon 12th Mar 2013 | 09:59 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is to receive a number of optional in-game purchases known as Micro Items, community manager Dan Amrich has announced. They'll be available from tomorrow, 13th...
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    What Are You Currently Reading?

    I've always been somewhat interested in what members are currently reading, those whom are reading novels others have not read and so forth. Not dissimilar to a review-thread, just... far more succinct. I just finished Nocturne, the third and final book in the Tomb Of Fire series of...
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    Murder In Progress: What Would You Do?

    Now I understand that there are many things wrong with this little mock up they did. To give a few examples, what would they have done if the killer was a woman dressed in business attire. What would the reactions have been if it was a man dressed in a suit killing the casually dressed man or...
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    Your Country Has Been Invaded!

    Red Dawn I watched this movie last night twice and this morning again. I am not sure if anyone saw the original or not but this one does not follow that movie in some regards. BTW I will try where I can to include spoiler tags but seriously the movie has been out since 1984 originally so I...
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    Electronic Arts: Giving You What You Want... right?

    Electronic Arts to include micro-transactions in all of its future titles. Story
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    Modern Warfare 4 Trailer

    Seems legit ;)
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    Two Hours Of Aliens Colonial Marines

    IGN has posted a video two hours long of game play from the upcoming title Aliens: Colonial Marines. Aliens: Colonial Marines EDIT: Through searching the one date that consistently returns is February 12th for release on PC.