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    ad locations

    The last post of each thread has a ad in it, on my phone this causes all the words to be spelled out in a vertical line of one to two letters. Ant chance we can move that last post ad so its in between posts and not taking up the right side of the last post? its a scaling issue as the ad...
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    Alienware Alpha Game Console

    Here are my hopes and dreams for the steam machine. Socket cpu mxm gpu... thats about it :) But really, I think if they use the basic aw17 motherboard (change the layout to fit into the little box) Then use a mxm gpu and a socket cpu they will have a great machine. Using mobile...
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    Im getting a new 17 :)

    Well, after 37 days in failed repairs and phone tag I finally have a new system exchange on the way. My r4 failed 5 times in a row (single repair they just couldnt get right) So I am getting a new 17. 4700qm and a 780m. Should be here in a week or two. I dont like matte screens to much...
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    Lets play Netrunner!

    So my step cousin in-law (13 years old) plays magic cards.... he found out I used to play back in 1994-1996 and always wanted me to play a few games with him... so I picked up a few boosters and a deck builder box at the local walmart and went over there. We played a few games, then his step...
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    SteamOS + laptop = steambook?

    What do you guys think are the odds of ever seeing a "steambook", pretty much a light gaming laptop (m11x style) the runs steam OS, streams games from large computer or can can run them standalone via steam OS... Im going to give steam OS a shot tonight on my m11x to see what it can do...
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    Anyone make a slipstream of win7 with all your drivers ready?

    I redo my OS usually pretty often due either hdd swaps, upgrades, or just to get a fresh install. My biggest issue has always been final setup, I hate setting everything up how I want it, installing drivers, updating drivers, removing stuff I dont want. So anyways, have any of you guys tried...
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    Travel speakers

    I would like to talk about a subject near and dear to my self... speakers. I love speakers. I have always been in search of a good sounding speaker that I can bring with me. So wireless, battery, compact and travel like were all requirements of mine. I picked up a set of razer ferox...
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    680m sli + full liquid cooling in a x51

    Been putting alot of thought into this, and I have figured out a way to do sli MXM gpus and water cool them along with the cpu.... but, here is the thing, do you guys think that a 680m sli setup would be any more powerfull than a gtx670 ftw? I would love to say I have the only sli 680 fully...
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    AWO names and locations

    On a few of my other forums we have a names/location for the members. Its nice to be able to see if there is anyone near you. Also its fun to see all the places this forum reaches. So, I will go first Name: Erik J Location: Minnesota Age: 29 (born in 1984) Rigs: m11xr1, m11xr1...
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    Anyone ever built their own game server?

    I really want to build my own bf2 server. Plans are to be able to run a 64 player server, I know my internet may not be up to snuff for a 64 player server, but I will be upgrading it to a much faster line as soon as they dig up my yard and install it. Anyone ever make a game server and give...
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    Finally got my alien armor

    After a long time of bidding, passing on slightly damaged ones, and ones jumping up way past what I think they are worth. I got my self a alien armor metal case for my laptop. Should...
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    RAID question

    My new m17xr4 has 2 500gb wd blacks in it right now. I want to add a 64gb msata cache drive and a 1tb drive to the odd. Now here comes the question. I want to raid the 2 500s together for faster performance, then cache it with the msata. Then add the 1tb to the odd and riad that to the...
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    New m17xr4 owner!

    Hey guys! My m14xr2 goes out of warranty in 6 days, so its time for a new laptop :) I wanted something bigger and more powerfull, I had been waiting for the new models to come out, but I really dont like the new design.... so I got me a nice refurb r4 :) I had 3 requirements when looking...
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    Hangar 18 HD

    Well, today is the day, I dont use my hangar as much as I had hoped I would. It usually sits dormant in the basement while I am upstairs with the wife and baby. So as sad as I am, I must sell off the hangar. First things first. It will not come with: HDDs Motherboard TV tuner or CPU...
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    m12x ips upgrade

    So I got a 12.5 inch ips display today. Hooked it up and it works :) I still need to mod the bezel a bit, but it should fit just perfect. I must say, the screen is amazing! clear, anti glare, blacks are actually black and not gray.
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    Alienware HUB and CEIV

    Yes, thats right, 2 items most you have never heard of :) I found a alienware HUB on ebay last week, 25 bucks. The day the thing shows up, a CEIV pops up on ebay, just won that for 16 bucks. Now, some of you guys are thinking, wtf are these things you speak of. Well, Lets start with...
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    Alienware router!

    Killer networks just posted it on their facebook
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    What kind of accesories do you have?

    I have been looking at all my set ups, buying new things, trying to find stuff that I like and helps me game. So what do you guys have that you love, and what do you have that you dont love so much. Personally. For my x51 I have the tactx mouse/keyboard/headphones that I love. I picked...
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    Water cooled x51

    Just starting this project, but here is my water cooled system. It consists of a modded aurora pump with a small radator, and 2 fans ducted to the radiator and out the back. Its not all setup yet, so I dont have any numbers. Give me a week or so for the rest of the parts to show up and I...
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    Wifi antenna mods

    Did this mod back when I first got my x51, figured I could share it with you guys. I have since seen a few people also do this mod, but with a single antenna. I installed 2 SMA antenna cables. They go from the wifi card to the back panel. This allows me to hook up external antenna...