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  1. Nhirlathothep

    [GTA V] Performance thread

    Let s see how GTA V runs on our aliens! (specs in description) Desktop: Alienware Aurora ALX R4 a little disappointed: i maxed it out, but it only can handle it with AA off Laptop: Alienware 14
  2. Nhirlathothep

    My Alienware Aurora R4 [100% Complete Alienware Setup]

    Alienware Desktop: [Alienware Aurora R4 ALX] Monitor : [Alienware OptX AW2310] Keyboard :[Alienware TactX Keyboard] Mouse: [Alienware TactX Mouse] my gaming setup os 100% Alienware atm! gonna upload pictures too i wanted a complete AW branded system from a lot of time!
  3. Nhirlathothep

    Alienware 14 [Windows 10] Upgrade - perfect

    no problems at all with the 1 click upgrade. (no clean install) just clicked on the button and waited 1 hour (many reboots) All lights and alienware programs are perfect
  4. Nhirlathothep

    Alienware gameplays

    post your gameplays video to show Alienware performance. Only 1 rule: FPS counter ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  5. Nhirlathothep

    SHOW YOUR Alienware 14 SETUP!!! (PICS REQUIRED!)

    I wanna see pics of our little Aliens! soon wil upload mine!
  6. Nhirlathothep

    cant upload IMG

    site diplays error : Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 1 Command: "/usr/bin/mogrify" -thumbnail 120x78^ -quality 70 -gravity center -extent 120x78 -unsharp 10 '/home/awo/public_html/gallery/data/501/thumbs/IMG_0151.JPG'
  7. Nhirlathothep

    Alienware Aurora Premium Cooling PRICE

    THIS IS THE NEW [Alienware Aurora Premium Cooling] I wanna know PRICING of it The radiator it s thicker than the old one and the pump it s faster. DELL it s...
  8. Nhirlathothep

    Nvida GTX 970 980 are making Alienware X51 the BEST PC IN THE WORLD (LOL)

    I dont have an Alienware X51, but now i really want it! The gtx 670 was a huge limit, but now X51 can handle a GTX 970 OC or a GTX 980 Default! I really think this is the best gaming pc in the world NOW! I have a top config Alienware Aurora ALX R4 (with 3970x !) and i was wondering...
  9. Nhirlathothep

    To All the Aurora Owners with Cooling problems: remove the Jelly :)
  10. Nhirlathothep

    new AREA 51 ! 2014 eheheh!!!
  11. Nhirlathothep

    3970x on Aurora ALX

    Is someone else using an Extreme Edition CPU on Aurora ALX ??? Is your cooler enought for the heat???
  12. Nhirlathothep

    Your Overclock with Aurora : DATABASE !

    i wanna know all your personal MAX STABLE overclock on ALIENWARE AURORA If u raised voltage, PLS write the VOLTAGE TOO - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto Merged - - - - - and more than all i wanna know if someone had stable oc on 4930k and 3930k
  13. Nhirlathothep

    New Bios needed for overclock?

    Hi all, i wanna know: are the Aurora Bios locked? Can we overclock the cpu with normal bios? do i need a modded bios to overclock my Aurora R4 ALX?
  14. Nhirlathothep

    Very hard question about CPU Upgrade Aurora R4 and I7 4930K

    I have an Aurora R4 ALX without CPU (it was i7 3820) with the old bios if i will buy an i7 4930K is it going to work without bios upgrade??? will it boot and let me upgrade it??? i cant upgrade bios before cause i dont have another cpu ! i know it s an hard question, only for expert...
  15. Nhirlathothep

    Do u regret to have bought a X51 instead of an AW Aurora?

    I think X51 is way cooler than aurora, it looks more New. Aurora looks a little OLD. But with x51 we cant use HI-level GPU. I play on a 120 Hz ALienware Monitor and i want 120 FPS min, so i need a good gpu. do u regret that u cant use hi level GPU? like gtx 770 gtx 780