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  1. RoBi1475

    Windows 8 Dated! kind of.

    After months of waiting the word is finally out on when we the general public can get our hands on Microsoft new Operating System. Love it or hate it the end of October is when it is hitting the streets. I also think that it is fair to speculate that October is when the new Microsoft...
  2. RoBi1475

    Microsoft offering upgrades to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

    As the title says Microsoft offering you, if you own a copy of XP, Vista, Win 7, you can upgrade to to Win 8 at a rather reasonable price. Source...
  3. RoBi1475

    PS3 3D display now $199 at Gamestop/BestBuy

    As the title says you can get a 24 inch 3d display that comes with a pair of 3d glasses and an HDMI cable. It also has 2 HDMI ports and 1 component so you can hook more then one device to it. Oh and a copy of Motorstorm if you care about that thing. This is an amazing deal I would buy...
  4. RoBi1475

    GeoCaching, do you do it?

    I am fairly sure that computer gaming is not the only hobby anyone on this site does. So I was curious to know if anyone goes Geocaching and if so have you ever found anything cool or what was the most impressive cache you have found. For those in the dark Geocaching is a modern world wide...
  5. RoBi1475

    Video Capture Software.

    What kind of Video Capture Software do you guy use for recording in game footage? Are there any good free ones, or is it better to pony up the do for Fraps or another paid program?
  6. RoBi1475

    R.I.P. M11x It is a shame really. :(
  7. RoBi1475

    Achievement Unlocked!!!

    I recently moved across the country and am mighty proud of the fact that I drove roughly 1,750 in exactly 46 hours! So this thread is about that, but it is mostly about me being back, after being absent from the site for a while. EDIT: The suggestion was made to turn this into a recent...
  8. RoBi1475

    Windows 8 on ARM

    What do you guys if about the up coming Windows 8 tablets? I personally think that the are going to definitely be worth looking into. Call me crazy but I love the easy of use I get from the office 365 apps on the Win 7 phone and Skydrive. Even without having a real reason to word process I...
  9. RoBi1475

    Your Funny Wireless Network Names

    I am a huge fan of humorous WiFi networks names. I change mine whenever I think of another that strike my fancy. The last named I had was "Free_Public_Access" for my secure network. I hope my neighbors appreciated the irony. My current WiFi name is...
  10. RoBi1475

    Multiple GPU Questions.

    Hey everyone, :) To say that I am not the most knowledgeable computer guy is an understatement, but I am the type of person that is willing to learn. Therefore I have a few questions. I recently brought an Aurora R3 and went with the standard SLI geforce 545 option mainly because I figured...