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  1. SpyderBite

    Everquest NEXT

    SOE Community Manager at the time. The rest of the community and developers rocked as usual. I'm sure the latest team is better. The CM referred to originally has moved on since (fired, quit, shot) XD
  2. SpyderBite

    Everquest NEXT

    Members of the SOE community team turned me off to their mmo lineup about 4 years ago. Loved EQ2 for a few years. But everything after that was a dud. And their community people were pretty vicious in game and out to players they didn't like personally. Even had one call and cancel a Bally's...
  3. SpyderBite

    New Alienware User for 1 week.. Now i have an issue with command center... :(

    The boys and girls at Dell/Alienware are good people. :) 2
  4. SpyderBite

    Alien FX

    Only when I run iTunes. But once I close iTunes, Alien FX kicks back in w/o requiring a reboot. 2
  5. SpyderBite

    New Phone Recommendations

    In still in the iOS camp as the ecosystem with all my apple products is very convenient. However, two members of the household have HTC Incredible 2. One is leaning towards a HTC One upgrade and the other the S4. 2
  6. SpyderBite

    Windows 8.1 - The Start Button returns

    Meh. I can live w/o the Start Menu. I need the desktop for many legacy programs and prefer to pin my apps to the task bar. Start Button is just appeasing the people who miss something they didn't know they didn't need in the first place. :P
  7. SpyderBite


    Ditto. Windows has had an adequate firewall since Vista. Third party firewalls are really unnecessary. Since most attacks are automated these days, a firewall is really just an extra precaution against malevolent programs that you install by accident that will open up ports on your computer...
  8. SpyderBite

    What movie did you just see?

    We just watched Burt Wonderstone yesterday and 90% of the movie was goofy, barely laughable story. But in the last 15 mins of the movie, Jim Carey will do something that will make you appreciate the $5.99 you spent On Demand for the rental and even the 70 minutes of barely intelligent plot you...
  9. SpyderBite

    What makes Alienware so great?

    I have purchased and built many gaming rigs over the years and now that I'm old and lazy, I prefer a notebook footprint. The Alienware I got, m14x r2 has been flawless in every aspect for me. I did a lot of pricing out for potential alternatives and nothing has even come close to the price AND...
  10. SpyderBite

    Alienware router!

    Meh. I'm waiting for my Kickstarter backed Almond+ to go in to production. Meanwhile my AirPort Extreme gives me the best wifi speeds I've had in years.
  11. SpyderBite

    PC Game Recommendations

    I think I enjoyed SWtOR the most but they refuse to dump the subscription model so I stopped playing. I enjoy GW2 just as much.. However I want light sabers dangit! ;)
  12. SpyderBite

    Dude, where is my Windows Media Disk?

    I haven't seen a computer sold with a restore disk in almost 5 years. You create your restore disks with the Windows tools supplied or the manufacturers software. I'm not seeing the issue here. You didn't know how to create restore media so you paid Dell to make them for you. Best Buy does the...
  13. SpyderBite

    Win 8 wrong choice

    You are correct and I am embarrassed as I was working at MS at that time. XD
  14. SpyderBite

    Win 8 wrong choice

    1. There wasn't a Windows 97.. 95 & 98.. But ME was between the two and the interface doesn't change in any of the three. 2. As mentioned above me; you have problems beyond the Windows OS if your performance is decreasing instead of improving. 3. If you don't like the UI, drop $5 at Stardock...
  15. SpyderBite

    DayZ players

    Tried it. Lasted 2 hours before I gave up trying to figure out the controls.
  16. SpyderBite


    MSE is fine. Complimented with a bit of common sense it is nearly fail safe.
  17. SpyderBite

    How long did it take you to receive your Alienware?

    3 business days with free shipping. Had them add 8gb of ram but I suppose they had a 12gb model in stock as it was sealed off the assembly line when it arrived.
  18. SpyderBite

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    Just started playing the Neverwinter open beta. Very easy to get sucked in to and even more so with all of the user made mods.
  19. SpyderBite

    First rig :D

    Got the same setup less the SSD drive. Love it. Great little portable gaming rig. Welcome and enjoy!