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  1. VagrantXeth

    Replace 330w original to a 550w in x51

    Well, that is interesting. If it is possible and someone has done it could you please post your results. And, how much was the power supply adapter/unit.
  2. VagrantXeth

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    I just recently bought Ridge Racer Unbounded on Steam (it was on sale). I can honeslty say it is nothing like the Ridge Racer games that I am used to. It just does not have the same "magic feel" that the other Ridger Racer titles had. I was a little dissapointed, but it was a cheap purchase so I...
  3. VagrantXeth

    Alienware failure on boot up / no signal to monitor

    Moisture and electronics are mortal enemies. If you have your machine in an area that is prone to moisture, you might want to try investing in a de-humidifier.
  4. VagrantXeth

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    You are missing out Matty, I loved the first one that Arkham City does not dissappoint. I am usually not into revisiting games once I have beat them, but all the collectables in the game add a really great replay value to the title.
  5. VagrantXeth

    What Console Games are you playing? And why?

    Red Dead Redemtion was a great game. I played it on the PS3 and loved the the song at the end. I think it's called "Dead Man's Gun" by Ashtar Command.
  6. VagrantXeth

    PC Gamepad?

    I have been using a 360 contoller and I am super happy with it. The plug and play thing is definitely a plus. And I like how the home button works with Steam. Just my two cents.
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    New to the forum

    Welcome aboard the mothership!
  8. VagrantXeth

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    I had played this one before on the 360 but purchased it again for computer when I got my X51. I am playing through 2 again but for the first time on PC but I am really taking my time with it on this go around. Doing the mineral mining thing trying to deplete all of the available planets of...
  9. VagrantXeth

    alienware X51 first upgrade need help with advise

    I have a 670 FTW in mine and it works awesome. Putting it in was a bit of a task though with the cables. Tight fit but I managed. If you do decide to go that route, make sure that you have what you need. When I bought my 670, I had to buy some cables that plugged into the GPU since the stock...
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    New X51 owner late finding the forum

    Welcome Chris! I love my X51 so I know the feeling!
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    Howdy Y'all

  12. VagrantXeth

    So i've been lurking here..

    Welcome! Pull up a seat and enjoy your stay!
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    What Console Games are you playing? And why?

    I know that most of us play games on our beautiful Alienware machines, but some folks like myself still keep consoles around for hard to find PC games or console exclusives. So out of curiosity, I was wondering if there are any other console gamers on here and if so what games are you playing...
  14. VagrantXeth

    X51 Speed fans (Video Card upgrade)

    Worry about it if the fan does not kick in during long sessions of GPU intensive games.
  15. VagrantXeth

    What movie did you just see?

    Went and watched Oblivion last night. It was ok, the Sci-Fi stuff was cool but the movie as a whole was off a bit. It seemed like it took too long to build up and the last few moments were rushed as if they tried to tie up too many loose ends too quickly.
  16. VagrantXeth

    Wireless Game Pad 4 Phone

    Is it running Steam?
  17. VagrantXeth

    New to Alienware

    Welcome aboard! Sent from Tapatalk via my Samsung Galaxy S III
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    What Are You Currently Reading?

    I am on the second book in George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series, I am reading The Dragonlance Chronicles to my daughter and I am anxiously awaiting Inferno (Dan Brown), I have read all the other books and they are a great way to waste time, so long as you don't buy into all the conspiracy...
  19. VagrantXeth

    Origin 50% off a bunch of games... one week only!!!

    And your soul. Or maybe they are just trying to make nice after the whole SimCity debacle.
  20. VagrantXeth

    New X51 Owner

    Good luck with the installing the GPU, remember that because it is a small form factor the GPU installation is slightly different. There is a cradle that the GPU plugs into that in turn plugs into the mobo. Keep in mind that there are plastic clips that secure the GPU to keep it from getting...