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    So just acquired an extremely rare mALX. It needs some work, and Id like to restore it, but parts are HARD to come by. Here are a few pics
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    Wanting to buy ANY Alienware systems Predator 2 or earlier.

    Hey guys. I’m looking to buy or trade any early Alienware systems or peripherals. I’m particularly interested in ones pictured below. Feel free to reach out if you have something you’re looking to part ways with. It will be going to a good home.
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    Nova Yellow Dragon

    Just got this bad boy in... It’s in fantastic condition. Pic for reference.
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    A few more pics

    Here are a few more pics as I have been organizing. The yellow dragon isn’t here yet (On its way) but I figured I’d put it up for reference. Thanks to everyone that has helped bring this collection together so far, you know who you are
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    Some collection pics

    Just thought I’d throw a few recent pictures up of my collection for anyone needing references photos.
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    Must be joking... 750 Full disclosure, I paid 380 for my ALX from the original owner, with the box, manuals, recovery media in 100% original, mint condition (9770, TriSli 280s) 750 for a case and a psu...
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    WTB any Dragons, Area 51/Aurora P1/P2/ALX

    Looking to buy any early Alienware Dragons, P1s or P2s. Feel free to PM me. Here’s a photo of the Plasma Purple P1 I just finished restoring.
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    Just finished the restoration

    Here are a few pics of the Purple P1 I just finished restoring. It’s internals are original as well.
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    Unboxing a 2008 ALX

    Did an unboxing of the ALX I just picked up form the original owner. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Need help with identifying

    So I picked up this case and I’m trying to determine which specific case this is AND what the front cover looked like. I’d also be interested in buying a cover or another complete case if anyone is looking to sell.
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    I ended up buying this today on the bay. An Alienware BOT. They were the low end machines designed for home/office use. It has a pentium 4 with an ASUS P5CG Mx mobo
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    Alienware lighting control for Area 51??

    Hey guys, I just picked up another Area 51 after fedex destroyed my last attempt. It has all the original CDs, box, manuals etc. I went ahead and did a fresh recovery via the included Alienware recover media, but it doesn’t contain the software to control the lighting (only a link to download) I...
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    Bios for Alienware Area 51 NForce 790i sli

    Does anyone have a correct Alienware version of the bios for the title mentioned mobo?
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    Case damage in shipping need spares parts

    Hey guys, just picked up my first Area 51 (not sure if I’m going to do a retro or new build) and unfortunately the front and top of the case got destroyed in shipping. Anyone have any spares they’d be interested in selling? The rest of the case is in great shape and the internals are solid...