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    Aurora r4 overheating

    Hi all, During winter time I never had problems with heat but now that it is hotter in the room my pc gives me blue screens, shut down took me a while to realise it was a heat problem because in 26 years of pc it never happened. I checked all fans, they are fine blew compressed air...
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    no lights with new command center

    Hi, I have installed the new command center 3.5 in my R4 and lost all light , I have removed and re-installed many times with no results, I have windows 8.1 please I need help. Claude....Thanks
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    alienware logo stickers

    Hi all, Anybody knows where I can get alienware stickers that came in the box with my new pc. Yesterday a tech came to replace the complete front assembly to replace a faulty start switch , that is where I had my stickers on each side of the panel and everybody said how nice my pc...
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    Start button not right on my aurora r4

    Hi all. I bought my aurora R4 in mid July, the butterfly start button I found was strange, the easiest way I found was to use 2 fingers and push it in about a 1/4 of an inch, sometimes I felt it stick at the bottom but it always came back except last night it stayed at the bottom, I...
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    cannot install word of warcraft

    Hi all, I recieved my alienware a couple of weeks ago and it came with a game, word of warcraft starter edition , but on installation at 2% it says i dont have a temp file extension, i tried many times without luck. Thank Claude
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    lower left light not on (#7)

    Hi all, I recieved my aurora a couple of days ago and everything looked fine after turning it on, but yesterday i noticed that the lower left light was not on, after knoking on it it turned on, I called support to tell them about it but they said if it works now leave it alone, but if...
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    joiniing the club

    I ordered a alienware yesterday but not the biggest for ultimate gammers like most of you in here, i have a 20 months old Gateway fx 6840-01c and some of the fetures are larger than the alienware like the hard drive at 1,5 and the memory at 12, i hope the new one serves me well because the...