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  1. VagrantXeth

    What Console Games are you playing? And why?

    I know that most of us play games on our beautiful Alienware machines, but some folks like myself still keep consoles around for hard to find PC games or console exclusives. So out of curiosity, I was wondering if there are any other console gamers on here and if so what games are you playing...
  2. VagrantXeth

    Alien Autopsy

    How often do you guys run Alien Autopsy and what would you recommend based on usage? - - - - - Updated - - - - - I run it about once a month maybe, but I game on it daily. I wonder if this is enough? So far nothing has come up as being an issue.
  3. VagrantXeth

    Got My GTX 670 FTW

    So I finally ordered and recieved the GTX 670 FTW edition (got Borderlands 2 for free Woot!) and now I am just waiting for a 6 pin to 6 pin PSU extension cable to come in. I do not need the extra length for the cable, I just need something to be able to plug directly into the card since the X51...
  4. VagrantXeth

    The Witcher on sale is having a sale on The Witcher until Tuesday (50% Off $4.99). Those who missed this title would do good to check it out at this awesome price!
  5. VagrantXeth

    Dead Space and Dead Space 2 on Sale Today

    Steam is having a Sale on Dead Space and Dead Space 2 for $4.99 each (75% Off). I have both already for the PS3, but I am considering getting these for the PC since that is where I spend most of my gaming time nowadays!
  6. VagrantXeth

    Turtle Beach X12

    A co-worker of mine recently upgraded to a wireless set of Turtle Beach headphones and he was kind enough to give me his X12 headset. They were brand new! The logo on the earcups still had the plastic on them, and I am finding that I love them. The only thing that I did notice was that while...
  7. VagrantXeth

    M11X future discounts

    With this model being DC'd, I wonder if that will mean that the M11X will be discounted to a clearance price in order to move the last remaining units. If so I wonder how soon that would be and if they would limit customization options so that they could get rid of them quicker. That would...
  8. VagrantXeth

    DL Games on Amazon!

    Amazon is having a PC Download sale! Just picked up L.A. Noir and GTA IV for $5. Other games on sale are Darksiders and The Saboteur!
  9. VagrantXeth

    SWTOR on Sale

    For those who have not picked up a copy, Origin is selling SWTOR discounted by $20. Great deal if you still have not picked up a copy and have been thinking about getting it!
  10. VagrantXeth

    Dungeon Siege on Steam Sale

    Hello all, just an FYI. Steam has been having a Squeenix sale this weekend (or week, been away from the comp for a few days) and todays deal is on the Dungeon Siege series. You can pick up DSIII for $7.49 or the complete set (DS, DSII, DSIII and the DSIII add on for $9.99). And for those with a...
  11. VagrantXeth

    Anyone upgrade the X51 yet?

    So I have been giving a lot of thought to adding some upgrades to my X51. Has anyone met with upgrading success (i.e. RAM GPU)? If so I would like to know to see what I can expect and what I have to look forward to. I was thinking about the RAM first, even though I have the 8GB that came with my...
  12. VagrantXeth

    Origin Sale

    Origin is having a 50% off sale. Great titles like ME2 ($9.99) and BF3 ($29.99) to name a few. I just picked up ME2, hey at that price it is well worth it!
  13. VagrantXeth

    Mass Effect 3 Props

    Recently, they have been airing a live action commercial for Mass Effect 3 featuring some wicked props. Well, Harrison Krix over at Volpin Props was responsible for the rifles used in the spot, here are a few pics for your perusal: More of this guys great work can be found here (Not to mention...
  14. VagrantXeth

    Art Direction in Mass Effect (series)

    Has anyone ever noticed that the art direction in the Mass Effect series looks strikingly like the work of John Berkey (primariy his future conceptual design). For thos of you that are unfamiliar with his work, a lot of his stuff in the past has been featured in publications like Popular...
  15. VagrantXeth

    Steam sale from March 8th to the 12th

    Steam is curruently having a sale on 2K games, yesterday they had Borderlands, today its Mafia II for 75% off ($7.49). Mafia II was an ok game, Borderlands was awesome! Can't wait to see what is on sale tomorrow!
  16. VagrantXeth

    Problems with friend request

    I recieved a friend request and I am having problems adding them. The appropriate boxes are checked off, but when I click to save the request remains a request and the person is not added, could you please help with this?
  17. VagrantXeth

    The Walking Dead

    Fans of the series (either comic or television or both) will be elated to know that Robert Kirkman will be closely involved in the video game adaptation of arguably the best Zombie franchise in existence. While details have been sparse at best, this much is for sure. The game will release in an...
  18. VagrantXeth

    Wireless Card

    Has anyone noticed how weak the wirless card is on the X51, that is probably the biggest complaint I have about it. I found that I had to use a usb wireless stick (which I was using on my old comp) to get a decent signal. It is in the same spot as my old computer but the signal is a whole lot...
  19. VagrantXeth

    Games on X51

    So, what is the most graphically intense/demanding game you have ever played on your X51 and what kind of performance did you get out of it? (Wherever possible include settings that helped to improve your experience) As for me, the most recent game I have played on it (if you can even call it a...
  20. VagrantXeth

    Noob here!

    I am new to the forums and somewhat new to computers in general. I did not get into computers until the ripe old age of 30 and I am 40 now. Started off by building my own without any knowlledge of how to do it and I did pretty good if I do say so myself. Not being anyway involved in the tech...