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  1. dancesintheruins

    List of free to play games.

    LOL. I forgot that. Considering how many hours I put into Neverwinter Nights (1 & 2) when they came out, I really should be playing that.
  2. dancesintheruins

    List of free to play games.

    My list at the moment: League of Legends (which you mentioned) Marvel Heroes Lord of the Rings Online Loadout Team Fortress 2 War Thunder (my personal favorite at the moment) Smite Strife (which I have yet to try out....) DoTA2 (I think I prefer LOL, but that's just me) Star Trek...
  3. dancesintheruins


    My wife actually bought the system for me as a Christmas present and got the two-year onsite Warranty. When it comes to high-dollar purchases, she tries to leave nothing to chance.
  4. dancesintheruins


    Just to throw my two cents in there: my X51 died after about eight months. Still under warranty. Tech support over the phone couldn't fix it. Sent out a tech to replace parts. No dice. Sent out another tech to replace more parts. Still no joy. A few days later I had a replacement rig, sent out...
  5. dancesintheruins

    The "Movie Name" Game.

    North by Northwest
  6. X51 Setup

    X51 Setup

    Sadly, the second monitor (admittedly an old one) has crapped out on me. I think it's a bad capacitor, but my brother is good with replacing those so I hope to have it back up and running sometime soon.
  7. dancesintheruins

    The "Movie Name" Game.

    Okay, I'm seeing too many repeats in here. Soooooo.... Erotic Exploits of a Sexy Seducer. I've been told. :rolleyes:
  8. dancesintheruins

    Your game PILE OF SHAME .. aka yet to complete

    Don't even get me started on series games. It's bad enough that I haven't finished the first Bioshock, but I've only finished the first Prince of Persia. Most of the military FPS games I just can't slog through the whole thing one time, let alone game after game in the series. My pile of shame...
  9. dancesintheruins

    League of Legends

    I've been playing since fall of 2009 (that's right: before season 1), but have dropped off and haven't played much lately--mostly too busy keeping up on my grading. I'll be playing more once the semester is over, but spring break is next week. I'm in NA, so if you want to add me, it's still...
  10. dancesintheruins

    Well, heck. I've been here a while. Might as well introduce myself.

    I've been lurking here on and off since about September and haven't formally introduced myself yet, or fully fleshed out my profile even (but hey! I have a profile picture now). Forgive me if this is tl;dr, but I'm an English teacher and tend to ramble sometimes--I'll try to make this worth the...
  11. dancesintheruins

    Your game PILE OF SHAME .. aka yet to complete

    At the top of my "pile of shame" (and you are all gonna love this) are Bioshock (the first one), Portal and Portal 2. No joke. I keep getting wrapped up in the persistent games (League of Legends, War Thunder, Marvel Heroes, etc.) and the rogue-likes (Eldritch, Don't Starve, etc.) and don't ever...
  12. dancesintheruins

    PC Game Recommendations

    I was thinking exactly this. Also in the F2P genre, but not quite FPS is WarThunder, which has been my addiction of late.
  13. dancesintheruins

    Your Latest GAMING PURCHASES thread

    I may be off on this, but I think my last gaming purchase was X-Com: Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within when it was on sale on Steam. With about 4 other cheap games.
  14. dancesintheruins

    X51 Poll - Who is getting one?

    My wife surprised me with my x51 for Christmas this past year and, oh, how I do love it so.