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    Questions about upgrading Area 51 R1

    I mentioned in my introduction post that I'd like to upgrade my Area 51 (R1) to something a bit more modern. I have the following hardware in another case that I'm thinking of throwing into the Area 51: - Motherboard: ASRock Micro ATX 970M PRO3 - CPU: AMD FX-8320 - GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 I have...
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    The Acronym Reference Thread

    I've since found answers for these, so thought I'd update here. AIO = "All In One", and refers to the liquid cooler in the Area 51 R1 (and probably lots of others) MIO = "Master Input/Output" board, also referred to as the "daughterboard" -Bryan
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    The Acronym Reference Thread

    I'll solicit a couple, since I'm new to Alienware... I have an Area 51 R1, and I see the terms AIO and MIO, and I think they have to do with the daughterboard that controls the case lighting and ducts. Can someone spell these out?
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    Hello, new owner of Area 51 R1 and Aurora R6

    Hi folks! My father-in-law just bestowed upon me not one, but two Alienware desktops! About a decade ago, he decided that he wanted the best that money could buy for his daily driver PC, and bought an Alienware Area 51 (R1), with all the RGB lighting, the breathing scales on top, liquid-cooled...