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    alienware owners level points

    ty tommy for the link, going to order me 3 :)
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    AWO YouTube channel?

    i guess not so much activity on this forum.... huh?
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    Alienware HDMI out to Samsung TV

    try also with : windows key + P key
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    Regarding Alienware 17

    u need to clean the dust, new GPU generations always less power, less power = less heat... Newer GPU , better computer :)
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    Hello need help where should i post this...

    Some one tell me where to post this: a romanian guy that sold me on a romanian version of ebay, alienware optx aw2310, bought it from mexic after 2 years of intense use, like more than 12-14 hours daily usage....the monitor malfunctioned... sympthoms: after 5 mins on brigthness...
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    older alien user, but new on this forum :)

    Hello guys, my name is Bogdan , i am from Romania, i owned 2 alienware laptops now i own a 23" 3D monitor :) that i love it! :)
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    Wanted :alienware AW2310 power board

    Hi, i wanna buy an alienware monitor AW2310 power board, if anyone has an Alienware monitor AW2310 that is out of warranty or something i need the power board or the 2 inverters from it. Thanks.
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    Dell U2913WM Monitor

    how much u want for one of the AW2310 monitors?