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  1. SE7EN57

    [FS] Alienware M14X

    Yes has BT. Not sure about wireless card but I know its not the killer nic one. A year and warranty ran out. Here is the Service tag 1YXB7R1 I'm putting it on Ebay Friday if it doesn't sell by then.
  2. SE7EN57

    [FS] Alienware M14X

    No just the alienware symbols on the plate. I'm in Virginia Beach, VA US
  3. SE7EN57

    [FS] Alienware M14X

    This Alienware M14X is in excellent condition and everything is 100% working. This also has the upgraded screen with the 900p 1600x900 resolution. I will wipe system to factory defaults prior to selling. This comes with charger, the windows 7 recovery disk and the paperwork it came with. Price...
  4. SE7EN57

    Winamp AlienFX Plugin

    That's pretty neat man.
  5. SE7EN57

    What browser do you use?

    Was a Firefox user up until chrome was released and been using Chrome ever since. I just like the simplicity of Chrome to be honest and it just works the way I want it to.
  6. SE7EN57

    Thanks AWO!!

    I just joined also. Nice site you have here.