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    TN to IPS screen upgrade

    The resolution is still the same but it make a big difference in terms of colour and viewing angles. The parts only cost me around £50 AliExpress. The model for the screen I used is LP116WH4 SL N2 B1. This was the recommended screen when I was researching this upgrade. Hope this anyone looking...
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    TN to IPS screen upgrade

    Just did the screen upgrade to IPS and I have to say it, it was worth it. The upgrade itself was pretty straight forward but it was quite fiddley to the the extension cable to fit.
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    My first Alienware

    Bought my first Alienware M11x R3. bought it used for £135. First thing I did was upgrade the the hard drive to SSD, makes a huge difference and it's an upgrade worth doing since the prices of SSDs are all time low. Looking forward to doing mods in the near future.