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  1. Alienwulf

    Alienware Predator I Case build (a.k.a. CMMII Predator)

    Been awhile since I have checked to see the old case's still getting some use after all these years'
  2. Alienwulf

    Buying A New Alienware Gaming Desktop

    I agree go with the nvme for boot and pick up a second ssd pretty cheep right now.
  3. Alienwulf

    R7 Broke out of the box.

    Good story thanks for sharing..I to have found Dell to give great service giving a chance.
  4. Alienwulf

    Hello everyone

    Unreal, I go to the RNC every Wednesday with American Legion Riders. We meet up with the Patriot Riders to give honors and 0830 service with the military honor guard. Been doing it every week for a year now. Small world, I will say a prayer for your Dad and his service.
  5. Alienwulf

    Hello everyone

    Hey welcome not all that far from you over here in IE Menifee..Got my first Alienware about the same time as you. Have had many laptops and several desktops over the years. Sounds like a rare find the ALX, wish I had kept my 51 in factory shape instead of upgrading it all.
  6. Alienwulf

    Alienware Aurora r6 with upgrades

    They are not very helpful as in not for upgrades.. But you seem to be doing a good job.
  7. Alienwulf

    Restoring the original Alienware OEM "Look and Feel" after a clean install of Windows 10

    You could with Win7 it was pretty easy..but now with Win10 not so. You can change the load and splash screens to give it that Alien look again. Plus add the Alien start-up and shut-down sound file's for effect. This link will help you with the screens...
  8. Alienwulf

    Area 51 Mother Board Question

    It's getting crowded in there!
  9. Alienwulf

    Area 51 Mother Board Question

    Since March I moved up to two 1080 ti Hybrids..must say the more Vram you have the more you use. Hit 8 gigs in Rise of the Tomb Raider never thought you could use that much. Two of these cards are over kill and seeing the list of games for Sli is smaller could of just saved the money. I am...
  10. Alienwulf


    Sorry for the late welcome.. you won't gp wrong with an Alienware.
  11. Alienwulf

    side panel light connector mods?

    If anyone should need these "Alienware Light kit consists of a base bigger backend mother card and a small front-end daughter card that fits inside the bigger card. This card is known as ELC Board FX Light Card." I have a couple NOS that I bought off Ebay for some builds and didn't use them all.
  12. Alienwulf

    WANTED: Area 51 case with active vents

    Best place to lurk for one is Ebay..gutted case's show up from time to time. Keep us up to date.
  13. Alienwulf

    New to Gaming PCs

    You did not say what GPU it has GTX 680m was pretty good for 300 I would pick it up in a heart beat worth every penny. Should play most titles on High with no problem.. good luck on your choice.
  14. Alienwulf

    alienware charger

    About 45.00 USD on ebay all day long good place to get them..
  15. Alienwulf

    I have a question about my new Seasonic PSU on Aurora R4

    If it was me one I would cut some mounting straps to size like these.. to go from the case to PSU and maybe put some shims under it. I don,t think they are...
  16. Alienwulf

    Aurora r2 ram upgrade

    If you have any problems after you get your ram, post a message here I or someone will get back to you. There are not to many but the one's here are very helpful. Good luck.
  17. Alienwulf

    Aurora r2 ram upgrade

    Looks like it takes 16gb max of 1333 DDR3 memory did you buy your Aurora used? All the ram must operate at the same voltage and specs You will get the lowest common denominator of specs. If you install the ram so that each channel has equal capacity, you will get dual channel operation. If the...
  18. Alienwulf

    upgrading an x51 R3 to an i5?

    Your unit seems to come with a 220w PSU brick the 1060 draws 120w recommended 400 on web site. if it was me and I wanted to upgrade cpu I would get the 330w brick from dell or maybe on Ebay just to be safe. the extra 110w would make a big difference.
  19. Alienwulf

    Alienware 17 R4 Issues and full system replacement questions

    Three repairs will do can email - he will not receive it but it will get picked up by the people who will see that you get help. Let them know nicely..that you only expect them to stand by their product that you purchased in good faith. They will make you an offer...
  20. Alienwulf

    Area 51 Mother Board Question

    Just added a few pictures of the rig..