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  1. shankc

    recovery partition keeps flashing onto screen

    HI guys i have been away working away for a couple of months working i come back and start up my M17x R4 and the recovery partition keeps flashing up on my screen. So i restarted it seemed to of stopped so i loaded up far cry 3 to finish it off which i did and saved my friends but i had saved...
  2. shankc

    whats happend to my signature bar

    whats happened to my Alienware owner signature bar all I see now is
  3. shankc

    Game recomendations

    Hey guys/gals I have just got back into gaming since buying my M17X R4 last year. I play crisis, Borderlands 2,need for speed shift, halo, FarCry 3 Blood Dragon but my favourite game by far and that's not a pun :-) is Farcry 3. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on games baring in...
  4. shankc

    Gaming desktop for my son

    Hey guys I'm thinking of getting a gaming desktop for my son. I have seen one on eBay and would like your opinion on this as to playing the latest games on a 20 inch 1080p screen. like will it play the latest games and at what settings and will I be able to upgrade the graphics card to a better...
  5. shankc

    windows 8

    well I must say I have to eat my words about windows 8. I smashed my google nexus 7 on Halloween and just got my insurance threw the other day and I was going to get the new nexus 7 but I saw a hp touchsmart 11.6" and so far using windows 8 either with the keyboard or the touch screen is great...
  6. shankc

    Upgrading Graphics Card

    Has anyone successfully upgraded their M17x R4 with a new 780m I'm not going to try this at minute. I just wanted to know if anyone had managed this successfully and if they have how easy was it. Did you have to do much modding of drivers ect. I'm just looking to the future maybe after...
  7. shankc

    gaming desktop

    Hi, I live in the UK and I'm looking for a gaming desktop for my son. He doesn't need a top of the line one just a one he can play newish games on low settings and can upgrade to a better graphics card next year. I'm hoping to get one for between £300-£400. Could anyone tell me of any...
  8. shankc

    caching storage drive

    When I first bought my Alienware M17X R4 it had a 500gb 7200 rpm Harddrive with a 32 GB msata caching drive. I have now installed a 512gb solid state drive and I use the 500gb 7200rpm drive for storage. What I was wanting to no is it possible to use the 32gb msata to cache my storage drive. But...
  9. shankc


    Hey guy's I live in the UK and my M17x R4 is about to run out of warranty in a couple of months. So I was wondering if anyone in the UK had extended their warranty for another 3 years and if so how much did it cost or does anyone have a rough idea of the cost . Thankyou
  10. shankc

    My M17x R4 got BSOD

    Hi I had a couple of problems last night when I was gaming and with this being my first Alienware I'm not sure if I'm over reacting. I started playing far cry 3 about 11pm last night and it turned into a marathon session. But about 5am the game just froze and I had to restart my alien then about...
  11. shankc

    power surge on hub port

    A USB device has Exceeded power Limits of USB hub was the error I have been getting when I have been pluging in my iphone and its happened with my Xbox controllers wireless connector. It says I have to unplug device and then reset usb. Has anyone had this happen to them and if so how did you fix...
  12. shankc

    High end Mobile Graphics Card for sale

    Nvidia GTX675 m with heatsink for sale £150 ovno payment threw PayPal. I'm willing to ship abroad as long as postage is paid for. Grab yourself a bargain just message me if interested
  13. shankc

    Extending warranties on the M17x r4

    Hi I was just wondering about extending my warranty. It doesn't run out till December but I was wondering 1- is it worth it just I've heard that if you pay over £2000 and if anything goes wrong within a couple of years under some law you can take it threw the small claims court if anything goes...
  14. shankc

    M17X R4 Bios overclocking

    Hi their has anyone got any info on overclocking in the BIOS I have enabled overclocking in the BIOS it gives you options to change frequency of ram and other settings but I don't want to do anything until I have more information so all help would be appreciated
  15. shankc

    Help with buying new Ram pls help

    Hi I would just like to confirm if my M17 R4 laptop can be fitted with 1866mhz ram. I'm sure when configuring my laptop it did have the option to upgrade to 1866mhz ram but I'm not 100℅ sure. I'm wanting to upgrade 16gb corsair vengeance ram hopefully 1866mhz if compatible or 1600mhz if that's...
  16. shankc

    High end Mobile Graphics Card for sale

    I have a nvidia GTX 675m for sale it came directly out of my M17X R4 by a Alienware technician and placed straight into box after upgrade. It has the heatsink still attached and thermal pads so if you buy you will just have to take out your old card and insert the 675m install drivers and your...
  17. shankc

    Msata caching drive is it now slowing down my boot time

    Hi i bought an Alienware M17x R4 i7 3840Qm gtx67m with a 500gb 7200rpm 32gb caching drive which is raid 0.But now i have purchased an M4 512gb ssd i have installed windows 7 on it and i have moved the 500gb hdd to second harddrive slot.when i first bought my system the 32gb msata made my system...
  18. shankc

    Graphics upgrade

    Hi, I made the mistake of buying the 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 675M card which is Fermi architecture where i should of went for either 2GB GDDR5 AMD® Radeon™ HD 7970M or the 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 680M which are Kepler architecture.Even though the Radeon card was cheaper, so the...