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  1. shankc

    High end Mobile Graphics Card for sale

    Yes I do still have the card masterlink2002 and still for sale
  2. shankc

    recovery partition keeps flashing onto screen

    I found out the reason my recovery partition kept flashing up. It was my TomTom sat nav software. I just had to stop software running at startup. Just thought I would mention it in case anyone had the same problem
  3. shankc

    Need Help for AW 14

    Press F12 at boot up just like getting into BIOS and click on Diagnostic's run a full scan see if you get any errors. If you do put them on here and somebody will help you
  4. shankc

    AW17 sluggish boot up

    Is the ssd a msata caching drive because if it is you will need to set it up in raid to help speed up your start up. Their is plenty of threads on here on how to do it. If that is the problem hope this helps
  5. shankc

    Webcam not detected after re-install

    You should of got a disc when you purchased your laptop. I think it's called webcam central
  6. shankc

    recovery partition keeps flashing onto screen

    HI guys i have been away working away for a couple of months working i come back and start up my M17x R4 and the recovery partition keeps flashing up on my screen. So i restarted it seemed to of stopped so i loaded up far cry 3 to finish it off which i did and saved my friends but i had saved...
  7. shankc

    M17x R4 8.1 update issues

    Hi springy2 I have the same system except mine is running windows 7 but I don't update any graphics drivers threw windows update as it was doing the same. For the the graphics I use AMD auto detect and all other updates for my machine I stick with the dell updates as it just causes loads of...
  8. shankc

    RAM id help

    Hi scott why don't you try a site like as their is a program that scans your computer and tells you exactly what is compatible and the even guarantee compatibility if you buy off them. Hope that helps
  9. shankc

    New member.

    Welcome to the forum :D happy gaming
  10. shankc

    (fs )alienware aurora r4 dual evga gtx 780 superclocked in sli! (pic included)

    That is a beautiful machine with some excellent specs but I live on the wrong side of the pond. so good luck selling it and parting with it I know I couldn't :p
  11. shankc

    Aurora Alien Head case mod

    looks really good matty :cool:
  12. shankc

    New blood

    Welcome to the club
  13. shankc

    INTEL I7-4930mx

    I can't see the point of paying that much for a CPU that can not be used to its fullest potential. Mind you I don't agree with what Dell/Alienware are doing you paid for 4930mx so you should have got it or they should rectified their mistake. But if I was you I would take the refund as you have...
  14. shankc


    It Depends on what warranty you get mind you I thought all Alienware systems came with at least 1year Next Business day onsite fix and software help is extra but I got the NBD warranty and if they cant remotely fix the problem they have always sent out an engineer the next day
  15. shankc


    Welcome to the club Xentago you will find this site an excellent knowledge base and the members very helpful
  16. shankc

    How Can I Eject DVD, hard drive failure

    If you still have problems with your Optical drive why don't you create a bootable usb flashdrive on another computer all the info on how to do this is on the login screen. Then you can load operating system off the flashdrive but hopefully you can get your optical drive working and you have...
  17. shankc

    Ordered my first Alienware 17! But..

    Hi toshibala if the sale was not active when you ordered then you can try phoning sales or support see if they can do something about your order. But I think that you will have to cancel your order and place another order using the discounted prices maybe if you tell them that you prepared to do...
  18. shankc

    Newbie to the Forums

    Welcome to the club
  19. shankc

    About to be a new alienware owner..Just some questions..

    Nice specs m8 welcome to the club
  20. shankc

    Buying an Alienware!

    It doesn't usually take that long to ship but when it arrives its well worth the wait