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  1. Riley2142

    Alienware Area-51 7500 CASE

    You still got the case?
  2. Riley2142

    Wireless card

    Hey all! I am receiving my X51 on Monday and was wondering about the wireless card. I hear it should be replaced with a better one. Is that a good choice?
  3. Riley2142

    mSATA for Alienware 14

    Go with Kingston, i hear they are really reliable.
  4. Riley2142

    Hey, what kinds of modifications have you done to yours?

    I'm getting mine soon and want ideas, and want to know what everybody else is doing. Tell meh!
  5. Riley2142

    Alien From Far, Far, Away.....

    Hello! My name is Riley, and i got an Alienware today! I have found this club by searching for upgrading tips for when i receive the PC. I hope to be actively involved in the community! Best regards, Riley :cool: