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    largest hdd you can install?

    I want to buy a new secodary drive my 750gb is running out of space, whats the largest I could install in the alienware 17? - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto Merged - - - - - Nevermind contacted dell, the alienware 17 hdd capacity limit is 2TB. - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto...
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    so fan issue?

    I noticed my fans wont turn on...unless when i reboot i go through the bios then i hear them turn on, but other then that the computer will just run, I checked with the bottom lid off the the fans wont spin, unless i go to the bios first for some reason. after they turn on the computer cools...
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    Running at 800mhz?

    I noticed when benchmarking my alienware 17 my ram is coming up at 800mhz, when advertised at 1600, if i try to clock it to 1600 the computer just beeps after the restart. A previous computer of mine was also DDR3 and i didnt have this it a problem with the computer? I've also noticed...
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    Method for installing xbox controller to windows

    If you like me could not install the xbox 360 controller no matter what method you used and all it would keep saying is "no driver found" i figured this out on my own and took me all of 60 seconds first go to control panel, then click on device manager, then right click the device the...
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    xbox wired controller no driver?

    so i plugged the xbox 360 wired controller in and keeping getting it cant be installed, i've uninstalled it from device manager and restarted it and downloaded the software directly and still nothing...any ideas? it worked on my previous laptop and desktop's.
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    intel HD 4600...or 770m?

    i have my computer loaded into the 770m gpu...but for example i use passmark to bench it shows the intel HD 4600 but not the 770m and the graphics are - - - - - Updated; Consecutive Post Auto Merged - - - - - ok something is very wrong it scored a total score of 636...?? - -...
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    Finally I'm here :D

    I have been waiting what feels like forever to buy myself an alienware, i expect it to be delivered tomorrow :D excited, specs i went with: Alienware 17 ntel i7-4700MQ 16 GB DIMM (I'm going to add tomorrow 256GB SSD crucial M and 500GB HDD) 750 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive Nvidia GeForce GTX...